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Luca Bernardi

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: CHIM/06 Organic Chemistry


Carlone A.; Bernardi L.; McCormack P.; Warr T.; Oruganti S.; Cobley C.J., Asymmetric Organocatalysis and Continuous Chemistry for an Efficient and Cost-Competitive Process to Pregabalin, «ORGANIC PROCESS RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT», 2021, 25, pp. 2795 - 2805 [Scientific article]

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Alfredo Ricci; Luca Bernardi (a cura di): Ana Cristina Fernandes; Fei Zhao; Seong Heun Kim; Daniele Castagnolo; Ji Hye Kim; Elizabeth M. Dauncey; Daniele Leonori; Zhe Zhou; László Kürti; Giacomo Filippini; Paolo Pengo; Susanna Bosi; Giulio Ragazzon; Lucia Pasquato; Maurizio Prato; Sebastian C. Cosgrove; Jeremy I. Ramsden; Juan Mangas-Sanchez; Nicholas J. Turner; Anton Cunillera; Carmen Claver; Cyril Godard; Martine Urrutigoïty; Philippe Kalck; Dino Berthold; Alexander M. Haydl; Joyce C. Leung; Ulrich Scholz; Qing Xiao; Zhibin Zhu; Binbin Huang; Yating Zhao; Wujiong Xia; Luca Bernardi; Armando Carlone; Francesco Fini, Methodologies in Amine Synthesis: Challenges and Applications, Weinheim, Wiley-VCH, 2021, pp. 460 . [Editorship]

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Carlone A.; Bernardi L., Enantioselective organocatalytic approaches to active pharmaceutical ingredients - Selected industrial examples, «PHYSICAL SCIENCES REVIEWS», 2019, 4, Article number: 20180097 , pp. 1 - 21 [Scientific article]

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