Foto del docente

Lorenzo Breschi

Full Professor

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/28 Oral Diseases and Dentistry


BRESCHI L; PRATI C.; GOBBI P; PASHLEY DH; MAZZOTTI G; TETI G; PERDIGAO J., Immunohistochemical analysis of collagen fibrils within the hybrid layer: a FEISEM study, «OPERATIVE DENTISTRY», 2004, 29, pp. 538 - 545 [Scientific article]

Chersoni S.; Suppa P.; Grandini S.; Goracci C.; Monticelli F.; Yiu C.;Huang C.; Prati C.; Breschi L.; Ferrari M.;Pashley DH.;Tay FR., In vivo and in vitro permeability of one-stepself-etch adhesives., «JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH», 2004, 83, pp. 459 - 464 [Scientific article]

PRATI C.; NUCCI C; TOLEDANO M; GARCIAGODOY F; BRESCHI L; CHERSONI S, Microleakage and marginal hybrid layer formation of compomer restorations, «OPERATIVE DENTISTRY», 2004, 29, pp. 35 - 41 [Scientific article]

L. Breschi; P. Suppa; A. Ruggeri jr; E. Ricci; C. Prati; G. Mazzotti, Morphological And Immunoistochemical Analisys of Dental Root Apex, in: Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embriology, FIRENZE, G. Gheri, 2004, 109, pp. 228 - 229 (atti di: LVIII Congresso Società Italiana di Anatomia, Chieti, 17-19 settembre 2004) [Abstract]

A. RUGGERI; P.S. SUPPA ; M. BIASOTTO ; M.A. SANDRUCCI ; N. SCUOR ; R. DI LENARDA ; V. GRILL ; L. BRESCHI, Push-out test and FEISEM evaluation of three post cementation techniques., in: , «JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH», 2004, 83(atti di: International Association for Dental Research, Honolulu, Hawaii, 10-13 March 2004) [Abstract]

FOSCHI F; NUCCI C; MONTEBUGNOLI L; MARCHIONNI S; BRESCHI L; MALAGNINO V; PRATI C., SEM evaluation of canal wall dentine following use of Mtwo and Protaper NiTi rotary instruments, «INTERNATIONAL ENDODONTIC JOURNAL», 2004, 37, pp. 832 - 839 [Scientific article]

SANDRUCCI MA; NICOLIN V; BIASOTTO M; BRESCHI L.; CASAGRANDE L; DI LENARDA R; GRILL V, The adhesion of Flow 2002 fibroblasts to titanium implant materials is influenced by different surface topographies and is related to the immunocytochemical expression of fibronectin., «JOURNAL OF APPLIED BIOMATERIALS & BIOMECHANICS», 2004, 2, pp. 169 - 176 [Scientific article]

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M. Falconi; G. Teti; G. Ferri; C. Bini; L. Breschi; A. Ruggeri jr; S. Pelotti, mtDNA extraction and amplification from human dentin, in: Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology, FIRENZE, Gheri G, 2004, 109, pp. 252 - 252 (atti di: LVIII Congresso Società Italiana di Anatomia, Chieti, 17-19 settembre 2004) [Abstract]

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