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Lucia Maini

Full Professor

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/03 General and Inorganic Chemistry


Priya Pandey; Lamiaa Fijahi; Nemo McIntosh; Nicholas Turetta; Marco Bardini; Samuele Giannini; Christian Ruzi??; Guillaume Schweicher; David Beljonne; Jerome Cornil; Paolo Samor??; Marta Mas-Torrent; Yves Geerts Yves Geerts; Enrico Modena; Lucia Maini, From the Synthesis to the Device: Elucidating Structural and Electronic Properties of C7-BTBT-C7, «JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. C», 2023, 11, pp. 7345 - 7355 [Scientific article]

Ahmed Z.; Carvalho R.D.S.; dos Santos A.M.; Gambassi F.; Bandini E.; Marvelli L.; Maini L.; Barbieri A.; Cremona M., Highly Luminescent Europium(III) Complexes in Solution and PMMA-Doped Films for Bright Red Electroluminescent Devices, «MOLECULES», 2023, 28, Article number: 4371 , pp. 4371 - 4386 [Scientific article]

James A.M.; Greco A.; Devaux F.; McIntosh N.; Brocorens P.; Cornil J.; Pandey P.; Kunert B.; Maini L.; Geerts Y.H.; Resel R., Memory Effect by Melt Crystallization Observed in Polymorphs of a Benzothieno-Benzothiophene Derivative, «CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN», 2023, 23, pp. 8124 - 8131 [Scientific article]

Martinelli A.; Volpicelli R.; Verzini M.; Cotarca L.; Maini L.; Pengo P.; Pasquato L., Stereoselective Solvolysis in the Synthesis of Dorzolamide Intermediates, «ACS OMEGA», 2023, 8, pp. 28851 - 28858 [Scientific article]

Zuffa, Caterina; Cappuccino, Chiara; Marchini, Marianna; Contini, Laura; Farinella, Francesco; Maini, Lucia, AgX-based hybrid coordination polymers: mechanochemical synthesis, structure and luminescence property characterization, «FARADAY DISCUSSIONS», 2022, 241, pp. 448 - 465 [Scientific article]Open Access

Pandey P.; Demitri N.; Gigli L.; James A.M.; Devaux F.; Geerts Y.H.; Modena E.; Maini L., Discovering Crystal Forms of the Novel Molecular Semiconductor OEG-BTBT, «CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN», 2022, 22, pp. 1680 - 1690 [Scientific article]Open Access

Marianna Marchini; Massimo Gandolfi; Lucia Maini; Lucia Raggetti; Matteo Martelli;, Exploring the Ancient Chemistry of Mercury, «PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA», 2022, 119, pp. 1 - 19 [Scientific article]Open Access

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de Oliveira Martins, Inês; Marin, Francesco; Modena, Enrico; Maini, Lucia, On the crystal forms of NDI-C6: annealing and deposition procedures to access elusive polymorphs, «FARADAY DISCUSSIONS», 2022, 235, pp. 490 - 507 [Scientific article]Open Access

Cavallini, Massimiliano; Brucale, Marco; Gentili, Denis; Liscio, Fabiola; Maini, Lucia; Favaretto, Laura; Manet, Ilse; Zambianchi, Massimo; Melucci, Manuela, Polymorph Separation by Ordered Patterning, «MOLECULES», 2022, 27, pp. 7235 - 7243 [Scientific article]Open Access

Marin F.; Tombolesi S.; Salzillo T.; Yaffe O.; Maini L., Thorough investigation on the high-temperature polymorphism of dipentyl-perylenediimide: thermal expansion vs. polymorphic transition, «JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. C», 2022, 10, pp. 8089 - 8100 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Cavallini M.; Manet I.; Brucale M.; Favaretto L.; Melucci M.; Maini L.; Liscio F.; Della Ciana M.; Gentili D., Rubbing induced reversible fluorescence switching in thiophene-based organic semiconductor films by mechanical amorphisation, «JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. C», 2021, 9, pp. 6234 - 6240 [Scientific article]Open Access

Belviso, Benny Danilo; Marin, Francesco; Fuertes, Sara; Sicilia, Violeta; Rizzi, Rosanna; Ciriaco, Fulvio; Cappuccino, Chiara; Dooryhee, Eric; Falcicchio, Aurelia; Maini, Lucia; Altomare, Angela; Caliandro, Rocco, Structural Insights into the Vapochromic Behavior of Pt- and Pd-Based Compounds, «INORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2021, 60, pp. 6349 - 6366 [Scientific article]Open Access

Hernandez J.G.; Halasz I.; Crawford D.E.; Krupicka M.; Balaz M.; Andre V.; Vella-Zarb L.; Niidu A.; Garcia F.; Maini L.; Colacino E., European Research in Focus: Mechanochemistry for Sustainable Industry (COST Action MechSustInd), «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2020, 2020, pp. 8 - 9 [Scientific article]

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