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Lucia Maini

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/03 General and Inorganic Chemistry


Braga Dario; Giaffreda Stefano L.; Grepioni Fabrizia; Maini Lucia; Polito Marco, Design, synthesis, characterization and utilization of hydrogen bonded networks based on functionalized organometallic sandwich compounds and the occurrence of crystal polymorphism., «COORDINATION CHEMISTRY REVIEWS», 2006, 250, pp. 1267 - 1285 [Scientific article]

Braga D.; Cadoni M.; Grepioni F.; Maini L.; Rubini K., Gas-solid reactions between the different polymorphic modifications of barbituric acid and amines., «CRYSTENGCOMM», 2006, 8, pp. 756 - 763 [Scientific article]

Braga D; Giaffreda S.L.; Grepioni F.; Pettersen A.; Maini L.; Curzi M.; Polito M., Mechanochemical preparation of molecular and supramolecular organometallic materials and coordination networks, «DALTON TRANSACTIONS», 2006, -, pp. 1249 - 1263 [Scientific article]

R. Gobetto; C. Nervi; E. Valfre; M. R. Chierotti; D. Braga; L. Maini; F. Grepioni; R. K. Harris; P. Y. Ghi,, 1H MAS, 15N CPMAS, and DFT Investigation of Hydrogen-Bonded Supramolecular Adducts between the Diamine 1,4-Diazabicyclo-[2.2.2]octane and Dicarboxylic Acids of Variable Chain Length., «CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS», 2005, 17, pp. 1457 - 1466 [Scientific article]

Gobetto R.; Nervi C.; Chierotti M. R.; Braga D.; Maini L.; Grepioni F.; Harris R., Hydrogen bonding and dynamic behaviour in crystals and polymorphs of dicarboxylic-diamine adducts: A comparison between NMR parameters and X-ray diffraction studies, «CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL», 2005, 11, pp. 7461 - 7471 [Scientific article]

D. Braga; D. D'Addario; S. L. Giaffreda; L. Maini; M. Polito; F. Grepioni,, Intra-solid and inter-solid reactions of molecular crystals: A green route to crystal engineering., in: PROF. F. TODA, Organic solid state reactions (254), BERLIN, Springer, 2005, pp. 71 - 94 (topics in current chemistry) [Chapter or essay]

Maini L.; Braga D., Materiali molecolari per reazioni "solvent free" ed assorbimento di gas., «LA CHIMICA E L'INDUSTRIA», 2005, 87, n. 7, pp. 34 - 36 [Scientific article]

M. Botoshansky; D. Braga; M. Kaftory; L. Maini; B. O. Patrick; J. R. Scheffer; K. Wang,, Molecular mechanics-assisted crystal engineering of solid state photoreactions: application to the Yang photocyclization of a-1-norbornylacetophenone derivatives., «TETRAHEDRON LETTERS», 2005, 24, pp. 1198 - 1203 [Scientific article]

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D. Braga; M. Curzi; L. Maini; M. Polito; F. Grepioni,, Crystal synthesis of hybrid organometallic-inorganic hydrogen bonded salts of acid oxoanions., «DALTON TRANSACTIONS», 2004, -, pp. 2432 - 2437 [Scientific article]

D. Braga; L. Maini; M. Polito; F. Grepioni,, Hydrogen bonding interactions between ions: a powerful tool in molecular crystal engineering., in: Supramolecular assembly via Hydrogen Bonds II (111), BERLIN, Spriger, 2004, pp. 1 - 32 (Structure and bonding) [Chapter or essay]

D. Braga; L. Maini,, Solid-state versus solution preparation of two crystal forms of [HN(CH2CH2)3NH][OOC(CH2)COOH]2. Polymorphs or hydrogen bond isomers?, «CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS», 2004, -, pp. 976 - 977 [Scientific article]

D. Braga; L. Maini; S. L. Giaffreda; F. Grepioni; M. R. Chierotti; R. Gobetto,, Supramolecular complexation of alkali cations through mechanochemical reactions between crystalline solids., «CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL», 2004, 10, pp. 3261 - 3269 [Scientific article]

D. Braga; K. Rubini; L. Maini,, Transition from a charge-opposed (+)N-H-N(+) inter-cation hydrogen bonded form of the salt [HN(CH2CH2)3N][OOC(HC=CH] COOH] to the more traditional charge-assisted (+)N-H-O(-) cation-anion hydrogen bonded pseudo-polymorph upon hydration., «CRYSTENGCOMM», 2004, 6, pp. 236 - 238 [Scientific article]

D. Braga; L. Maini; M. Polito; S.L. Giaffreda; K. Rubini;F. Grepioni, making, using, transforming crystals: an organometallic hydrogen bonded material that reacts with vapours and crystals, in: transactions of the american crystallographic association: Crystals in supramolecular chemistry, s.l, s.n, 2004, 39, pp. (16)1 - (16)14 (atti di: Annual meeting of the American Crystallographic association, Chicago (USA), 17-22 luglio 2004) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

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