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Lucia Maini

Full Professor

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/03 General and Inorganic Chemistry

Curriculum vitae


November 1997- March 2001 PhD in Chemistry Thesis title: Design and synthesis of molecular crystals” under the supervision of Prof. Dario Braga. During the PhD project she learnt the main techniques for solid state characterization: diffraction on single crystal and powder, DSC, TGA.

November 1998 Visiting fellow at the University of Strasbourg with a Galileo grant (Prof. Hosseini supervisor).

September-November1997 Bilateral exchange program sponsored by CIBA-Geigy at the Trinity College of Dublin

March 1997 Chemistry degree at the University of Bologna. Thesis title:“ Synthesis and study of the photophysical properties of Complexes of Cooper(I) with halogen.” Supervisor: Prof. Vincenzo Balzani. Co-supervisor Prof. Peter C. Ford Mark: 110/110 e lode.

September 1995-June 1996 “Exchange Abroad Program” fellowship at University of California, Santa Barbara (USA). She prepared her graduated thesis under the supervisor of Prof. P.C. Ford

June 1991 Scientific school-leaving certificate at “Liceo Scientifico Sabin”, Bologna .

Academic Career

1 st November 2014 Associate Professor of Chemistry at “G. Ciamician” Chemistry Department, University of Bologna

1st November2006 October 2014 Research assistant Faculty of Sciences, University of Bologna

November 2000 – October 2006 Post-doc fellowship (Assegno di ricerca)

Project title: “Crystal engineering: Design and Synthesis of molecular material”. She has continued the research activity of the phD thesis, with particular attention to gas-solid and solid-solid reaction with organic and organometallic compounds. She tutored several undergraduate and graduate students during the research project. Moreover she was involved as lab tutor in different course of General chemistry. She had worked on project sponsored by pharmaceutical industries concerning polymorph assessment.

Teaching activities

Since 2008, continuous teaching activities holding various course units in 1st and 2nd cycle degree such as “General Chemistry” for Physic degree; “Laboratory activity” for the course on Material chemistry; “Structure determination for molecular crystal” for the Photochemistry and molecular material degree and “Instrumental techniques applied to forensic analysis II” for the master degree in” Analisi Chimiche e Chimico-Tossicologiche Forensi “.

Supervisor and Cosupervisor of several bachelor and master thesis degree.

Supervisor and Cosupervisor of PhD thesis.

Organisation and coordination of seminars in these areas of study

Since 2009 she is part of the organizing committee for the international workshop “ Crystal forms @ Bologna”.

Scientific activities

Author or co-author of 86 publication in international journal and one Italian patent.

Participation at more than 30 national and international meetings with oral communication or poster. Invited speaker at : Mech cheM “International Symposium on Mechanochemistry” July Montpelleir, 15-17, 2015; FD170 “ Mechanochemistry: Form Functional solids to single molecules” Montreal 21-23 may 2014; 41° national congress AIC, Verona 11-14 September 2012; “Symposium on Mechanochemistry and Solvent-Free Synthesis” Belfast 6-7 November2009.

Participation in numerous national research programmes including: Cost Action: “Crystallize”, PRIN 2006; PRIN2008, FIRB 2001.

Referee for international journal :Chemical Communication, CrystEngCom, New Journal of Chemistry, Dalton transaction, external review for proposal to the Research Grant Council, Honk Kong and UKF ( Republic of Croatia)

Collaboration with ISOF- CNR for structural characterization and polymorph screen.

Collaboration with pharmaceutical industries: Zach Chemical, Polycrystalline, Cynora GmbH

Awards and recognitions

2012 Nardelli Prize from the Associazione Italiana Cristallografia

Other activities

Since 1998 she has been taking part of the committee “Conoscere la Chimica” which organizes shows for student to popularization of the chemistry science.

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