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Luca Guidetti

Full Professor

Department of Philosophy

Academic discipline: M-FIL/01 Theoretical Philosophy

Head of Department of Philosophy


Keywords: Normative Logic Transcendental Semantics zoosemiotics Constructive Theory of Science Action Theory Intuitionism Transcendental Pragmatics

The philosophy of the Erlangen School and the current of thought known as "methodical constructivism", which aims to highlight the material genesis of the cognitive structures. Development of research: 1) The Platonic notions of "idea" and "matter" in relation to the operational concept of science in Kant, Husserl, Becker and Dingler. 2) The action-theory from Fichte to the New neokantianism. 3) The birth and development of the operational logic and dialogue. 4) The theory of constructive knowledge. 5) The transcendental semantics and pragmatic. 6) The rehabilitation of practical philosophy .
Biology and ethics in Hans Jonas. The new philosophy of nature in relation to ethical issues and scientifical research. The role of technology in relation to living being and ethics.
Picture and symbol in Hans Jonas and Ludwig Klages. Anthropology of the picture in relation to the living being.
The theoretical biology of Jakob von Uexküll. Environment and internal world of animals. The zoosemiotics.
The concepts of "possibility", "necessity" and "reality" in the Western philosophical thought.