Foto del docente

Jessica Fiori

Assistant professor

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/08 Pharmaceutical Chemistry


R. Gotti; J. Fiori; F. Mancini; V. Cavrini., Modified micellar electrokinetic chromatography in the analysis of catechins and xanthines in chocolate., «ELECTROPHORESIS», 2004, 25, pp. 3282 - 3291 [Scientific article]

R. Pomponio; R. Gotti; J. Fiori; V. Cavrini; P. Mura; M. Cirri; F. Maestrelli., Photostability studies on nicardipine-cyclodextrin complexes by capillary electrophoresis., «JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOMEDICAL ANALYSIS», 2004, 35, pp. 267 - 275 [Scientific article]

F. Mancini; J.Fiori; C.Bertucci; V.Cavrini; M. Bragieri; MC Zanotti; A.Liverani; V.Borzatta; V.Andrisano;, Stereoselective analysis of allethrin by two dimensional achiral/chiral HPLC with UV/circular dichroism detection, «JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A», 2004, 1046, pp. 67 - 73 [Scientific article]

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