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Ivan Lanese

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic discipline: INF/01 Informatics


Dissertation topics suggested by the teacher.

I am interested in supervising both theoretical (mainly for master thesis) and practical thesis (or internships) in the area of concurrent and distributed systems, in particular on languages for programming them and on techniques for modelling, analysing and debugging them. You can find below a non-exaustive list of topics.  

Reversible programming languages and models for concurrency

A reversible programming language is a language where one can compute backward as well as forward. In such a language one can, e.g., manage error situations by going backward till a new way forward, not leading to an error situation. Specific topics I am interested in include:

  • extensions of our reversible debugger CauDEr for Erlang
  • study of analysis techniques such as bisimulation or behavioural types in a reversible setting

Choreographies are formalisms to describe or program a whole distributed system as a unique model or program. Specific topics I am interested in include:

  • extensions of the language AIOCJ to program choreographies systems
  • development of tools for management and analysis of coreographic formalisms.

Jolie programming language

The Jolie language is a language to program service-oriented applications born inside Bologna University and currently developped by the ItalianaSoftware company. I am interested in supervising thesis related to the Jolie programming language, also in collaboration with ItalianaSoftware.

Theses and internships in collaboration with companies

I am available to supervise thesis and/or internships in collaboration with companies, in particular ItalianaSoftware, NIER and RCF.

  • RCF began producing microphones and loudspeakers in 1949. In the late ’60s, concert sound was going electric, and many loudspeaker pioneers were searching for high-powered devices to use in their designs. RCF was one of the first European OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers for international brands, thanks to the company’s experience gained building high power transducers. In-depth know-how in transducers and electronics provided the perfect technological  culture to allow RCF to develop complete pro audio systems, bringing the company to a leading position in multiple audio markets over the years, from Hi-Fi to public address, portable loudspeakers and big concert systems.

    A possible area for thesis/internships concerns the software RDNet.
    RDNet is a proprietary software used for the simulation, control and measurement of a sound system. It is composed by different layers that exploit multiple technologies (remote control protocols, audio realtime processing, cloud system) in order to provide the engineer who installs the system all the necessary support in terms of simplifications and the speed of work.

    A possible thesis/internship topic is the following.
    RDNet is currently developed solely for the Windows operating system. The candidate will have to carry out a feasibility study of the transformation of the code into multiplatform (Windows, OSX and Linux) using an innovative framework called  Avalonia. This also includes an implementation of the most critical sections, such as the one related to the use of audio drivers.

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