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Ivan Lanese

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic discipline: INF/01 Informatics


Keywords: Multiparty sessions Reversible languages Process calculi Service-oriented computing

Models and languages for concurrent and distributed systems, in particular:
  • Process calculi and their properties: study of calculi for modeling concurrent and distributed systems, in particular service-oriented systems and long running transactions. Study of new calculi (SCC, SSCC, muse, ...) and of existing ones (CCS, pi-calculus, HOpi, ...). Study of the expressive power of such calculi and of analysis techniques for them based on type systems and behavioral equivalences.
  • Reversible calculi and languages: study of reversible calculi and languages, where it is possible to go back to previous states, or to states that could have been traversed by executing independent actions in a different order. Study of mechanisms for controlling reversibility, with the aim of exploiting reversibility for system recovery after a fault. These themes are developed inside the European COST Action IC1405.
  • Service-oriented computing: study of models for service-oriented computing. Focus on the calculus SOCK and on the programming language Jolie based on it. Study of primitives for error handling inside SOCK/Jolie. This thread is developed in collaboration with ItalianaSoftware s.r.l.
  • Multiparty sessions: study of interactive systems based on multiparty sessions. Study of specification languages for this kind of systems, in particular for systems with dynamic join and leave of participants, and study of techniques for realizing services/components compatible with the specification.

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