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Irene Bueno

Associate Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: M-STO/01 Medieval History

Curriculum vitae

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Associate professor of Medieval History at the Department of History Cultures Civilizations of the University of Bologna. I was PI of the research project “The universal Rome in cross-cultural perspective. Perceptions of the Orient at the Papal court in the late Middle Ages”, funded by MIUR under the programme SIR 2014. I am local coordinator of the PRIN 2022 "The Angevin World, the Papacy and the East: 1250-1450".



Laurea degree in History, University of Florence. Cum laude (28 November 2003)

Master of Arts in Medieval Studies, Central European University, Budapest. Cum laude (6 June 2005)

PhD in History and Civilization, European University Institute, Florence (11 June 2010)

National school for the edition of documentary sources, Istituto storico italiano per il Medioevo, Rome (2012-2013)


Academic career

Junior Fellow, Robbins Collection, School of law, University of California, Berkeley (March-May 2010)

Research Fellow, Max-Planck Institut für Europäische Rechtsgeschichte, Frankfurt am Main (February-April 2011)

Research Fellow, Scaliger Institute, Leiden University (July-October 2010)

Rubicon post-doctoral Fellow (NWO/Marie Curie cofund Action), Institute for Religious Studies, Leiden University, NL (2011-2013)

Marie Curie Fellow, Centre de Recherches Historiques, EHESS, Paris (2013-2015).

Junior Lecturer in Medieval History, University of Bologna (2015-2019)

Senior Lecturer in Medieval History, University of Bologna (2019-2022)


Teaching activity

Since 2017/18: “Cross-cultural encounters in the medieval world”, MA in History and oriental studies, University of Bologna, Scuola di Lettere e Beni culturali (30h, 6 cfu)

Since 2019/2020: "History of the Near East in the Middle Ages", BA in Anthropology, religions, oriental civilizations, University of Bologna, Scuola di Lettere e Beni culturali (30 ore, 6 cfu).

2021/2022: "History of women and gender in the Middle Ages", BA in History, University of Bologna (30h, 6 cfu).

Since 2022/2023: "Medieval history"; BA in Philosophy, University of Bologna (60h, 12 cfu).

Conferences organized

“The Papacy and the East. Intellectual debates and cross-cultural interactions, 1274-1439,” Institute for religious studies, Leiden University, 8 March 2013 (with H. Murre-van den Berg).

“Les récits historiques entre Orient et Occident. XIIe-XVe siècles,” EHESS-Ecole française de Rome- Université Paris-Sorbonne, Paris, 21-22 November 2014 (with C. Rouxpetel).

“L’Armenia medievale, epicentro di mobilità tra Oriente e Occidente,” Department of History Cultures Civilizations, University of Bologna, 18-19 May 2017 (with Anna Sirinian and Federico Alpi).

"Current trends in the historiography of inquisitions: themes and comparisons", 1st INQUIRE conference (with Vincenzo Lavenia and Riccardo Parmeggiani), Bologna, 4-5 november 2021.

"Outside Armenia. Armenians as go-betweens in the Mediterranean and Near East (with C. Rouxpetel)", exploratory seminar, Harvard University - Villa I Tatti, 11-12 november 2021.

"Inquisition and money", 2nd INQUIRE conference (with Vincenzo Lavenia and Riccardo Parmeggiani), Bologna, 27-28 october 2022.


Qualification aux fonctions de maître de conférences, Conseil National des Universités (France), section 21: « Histoire, civilisation, archéologie et art des mondes anciens et médiévaux ». Validity: 2018/2022.

Prize “Tina Anselmi”, (UDI-CIF Bologna, Presidenza del Consiglio comunale di Bologna), 2017.

Premio nazionale per la Divulgazione scientifica (CNR-Associazione Italiana del Libro), 2014.

Prize “Franca Pieroni Bortolotti” (Società italiana delle storiche-Comune di Firenze) 2004.