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Ilaria Guarniero

Assistant professor

Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/05 Zoology


Keywords: restocking genetic differentiation fish stock identification genetic variability

(i)  studies  of  phylogeny,  population genetics of marine species, (ii) assessment of main genetic parametres, demographic history, genetic variability  and  differentiation  in  demersal  fishery  resources  of the Adriatic Sea; (ii) Stock assessment of ichthyc resources, in particular demersal resources of the semi  enclosed  Adriatic Sea (e.g. S. vulgaris, M. barbatus, L. vulgaris, S. officinalis, N. norvegicus and other) and scientific support to the sustainable management of populations;  (iii)  genetic  characterization  of both wild and farmed Solea vulgaris pools for restocking purposes and for marker assisted-selection; (iv) development and application of molecular markers based on DNA polymorphism analyses for fraud identification in foodfish stuffs. She collaborates with local harbour-officer and fish market inspectors for cases of detection by biomolecular tools of mislabelling or frauds in foodfish products.

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