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Gloria Falsone

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/14 Pedology


Keywords: pedogenic processes and factors soil structure biophysical properties soil organic dynamics soil carbon sequestration soil ecosystem services forest soil

Her present scientific activity can be summarised in the following themes:

Soil erosion, formation and stability of aggregates, soil biophysical properties

her research interests are devoted to the study of the stability of soil aggregates , their formation, the pore distribution inside aggregates of different sizes in calcareous and acidic soils, the microbial activities in the soil aggregates and the release of nutrients and organic carbon upon aggregate break-up. In the last years a more specific research topic was developed on the influence of different cementing agents on the mechanisms of aggregate formation and break-up, and on the study of the morphological properties using optical microscopy and SEM-EDS analysis both on mineral and organic phases

Soil dynamics of organic matter and ecosystem services

The research topics deal with quantitative and qualitative variations of organic C pools due to factors and processes of pedogenesis, and organic C stocks determination. In the last years a more specific research topic was developed on the stabilization mechanisms of the soil organic matter and C sequestration in soil of different areas.


Soil genesis, factors of pedogenesis and paleopedoenvirnment reconstructions

The research topics deal with physico-chemical properties within soil-environmental-vegetaion systems, also by the use of mineralogical and physical marker, and the investigation of chemical properties of parent material; indexes of biological functionality in relation to the pedodiversity; study of pedofeatures by optical microscopy and isotopic signature of mineral compenents; paleopedoenvironemental reconstructions by interdisciplianary approach; study of saline and submerged soil.

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