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Gloria Falsone

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/14 Pedology

Curriculum vitae

She is Associate Professor of Pedology at the University of Bologna. Her main research topics are the biophysical of soil, the dynamics of organic matter in relation to the soil degradation processes, the pedogenesis and soil evolution also as reply to the land use and environmental stress.


She has a M.Sc. degree in Forest and Environmental Sciences (1999) and a PhD in Environmental Protection and Land Management (2004). She held a post-doc position from 2004 to 2010 at the University of Torino.

Teaching activity

Since 2011 she teaches at the University of Bologna. Currently she teaches Pedology and Soil Survey and Classification.

Her teaching activity was at the International Training Center (ILO) at the Post graduate Specialization Course in management of water resources, with the courses “Pedologic properties affecting soil water (laboratory)” and “Soil classification” (from 2006 to 2008). During past years she also taught "General Chemistry” (preliminary course, 2004-2005) at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Torino.

Research activity

Since 2002 she has taken part to national and international researches: Europen Union funded project (VI Framework Program) "Impacts and risks from anthopogenic disturbances on soils, carbon dynamics and vegetation in podzolic ecosystems"; research projects funded by the Italian Ministry for Scientific Research (COFIN 2001, COFIN 2004 and COFIN 2008) and by the EU (Biosoil-Soil 2006-2008), LIFE project AGROWETLANDSII and some other regional projects founded by Emilia Romagna region (SAVESOC2, CASTANICO, BIODiversamente CASTAGNO, FRUTTIFICO).

Currently, she takes part to LIFE project GREEN4BLUE and some other regional projects founded by Emilia Romagna region (Castagni parlanti, SUOBO, AGRIFORESTER, Boschiamo).

She spent a period abroad as a visiting person in research laboratory at University of Stirling (UK), School of Biological and Environmental Sciences (2010) granted by a Short Term Scientif Mission, COST Action “Belowground carbon turnover in European forests” (FP0803). Besides Italy, she has field experience on soils in The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Russian Federation.

She acts as a reviewer for some international soil science journals as: Geoderma, Land Degradationa and Development, European Journal of Soil Science, Catena, Journal of Soils and Sediment.

She has written or co-authored of more than 70 scientific papers, approximately 60% of which are of international relevance ( ).

Institutional activity and academic responsability

She is in the panel of experts for Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences of University of Bologna which assists the member of University Research Evaluation Committee.

She is a member of the Committee for the Quality Assurance of the Bachelor degree in Ornamental Plants and Landscape Protection.

Other activities

Since 2001 she is member of the Italian Society of Pedology and of the Italian Society of Soil Science. Since 2016 she is also secretary of Italian Society of Pedology. Since 2014 she is member of the European Society of Soil Conservation (ESSC).

She is member of the focus groups on Hydromorphic and Submerged Soils of the Italian Society of Soil Conservation. She is member of the focus groups on Climate Change and Soil of the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Bologna.

She is a member of EIP-AGRI Focus Group "Soil salinisation".

She is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Environmental Quality – EQA.

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