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Giuseppe Lepore

Associate Professor

Department of Cultural Heritage

Academic discipline: L-ANT/07 Classical Archaeology

Head of Advanced School of Studies on the city and region (SSCT)


Applications open for Italian-Albanian Mission in Phoinike - Albania

Students are informed that from Friday, April 19 to Sunday, April 28, 2024, registration will be open for participation in the XXIV excavation, documentation and conservation diagnostics campaign in the Hellenistic and Roman city of Phoinike (Albania).

Period of activity: a single round of activities of approximately three weeks in September 2024 is planned (the exact dates of the excavation will be communicated to participants after the selection).

To whom the call is directed: only students, postgraduates and PhD students enrolled in courses at Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna can apply. Priority will be given to students and students who have taken the following courses:

Archaeology and History of Greek Art (Degree in Cultural Heritage);
Archaeology and history of Roman art (Degree in Cultural Heritage);
Archaeology of the city of Magna Graecia (Master's Degree in Archaeological, Artistic and Landscape Heritage: history, protection and enhancement);
Archaeology of the City of Greece (Master's Degree in Archaeological, Artistic and Landscape Heritage: history, protection and enhancement);
Doctoral students in Cultural and Environmental Heritage (DBC);
PhD students in Historical and Archaeological Sciences. Memory, Civilization and Heritage (DiSCi) and other doctoral students in related subjects at the University of Bologna;
Roman Archaeology (School of Specialization in Archaeological Heritage);
Archaeology of Romanization (School of Specialization in Archaeological Heritage).

How to apply: one's application should be submitted by sending an email from the institutional email address, from Friday, April 19 to Sunday, April 28, 2024, to Dr. Michael Benfatti ( [] ) and in copy to Prof. Giuseppe Lepore ( [] ), with the subject line "PHOINIKE 2024." Attached to the email should be:

- brief curriculum studiorum showing any previous experience, exams taken and grades, degree subject (if defined), motivation for application, year and Course of enrollment and matriculation, telephone contact.
- Self-certification on unstamped paper according to the following model: I, the undersigned ..., matriculation no. ...; enrolled in the ... year of ..., declare that I have regular certificate of attendance at the Course on Safety in Archaeological Sites and that I have been judged fit for duty by the competent doctor / I declare that I will enroll in the first Course on Safety in Archaeological Sites useful to accrue the required training and take the medical examination of fitness for duty in time for departure. I also declare that the required certificates and identity documents in my possession are valid and will be valid for the duration of the excavation campaign and I will deliver copies of them at the time of the start of the excavation activities. Details of the meeting and lists of those admitted to the interview will be posted on the websites of Dr. Benfatti (click here []) and Prof. Lepore (click here []). Any allergies, special needs or personal problems that may interact with presence on the archaeological dig may be brought to the attention of the excavation director during the interview.

Notification of those admitted: students admitted to the Phoinike excavation will receive appropriate notification by phone or through e-mail in time to make arrangements for their departure. Management may ask for consent to use photographs, videos or other audiovisual media for scientific and dissemination purposes. Dissemination of images may also take place on social pages and official University channels.

Expenses: the Archaeological Mission guarantees participants the costs of room and board and, within the limits imposed by funding, travel expenses. In each case full disclosure of sustainable expenses will be given during the interview.


Published on: April 15 2024