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Giuliana Scotto

Adjunct professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Department of Legal Studies


Keywords: theory of law, aesthetics, architecture, linguistics

In the academic year 1991-92 Assistant Professor for the Chair of international law (Prof. F. Lattanzi) at the Faculty of law at LUISS Guido Carli, during the academic year 1992-93, study and research activities.

In early 1992 to search for prof. G. Arangio-Ruiz, Special Rapporteur for the International Law Commission of the United Nations (CDI), with a view to the submission of its FOURTH Report on the topic of applying countermeasures by States affected by illicit facts committed internationally by other States.

Later, under the guidance of the same Professor, participation in research on international crimes of States, specifically in terms of the relationship between the second part of the codification project on responsibility of States and the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations relating to the maintenance of international peace and security, with particular attention to the threat of the peace as justification to resort to measures against international crimes of States

Between May and June 1993 period of one month in Geneva as Assistant prof. Arangio-Ruiz at the International Law Commission of the United Nations.

Between late 1997 and early 1998 approximately four months research on State immunity from jurisdiction and execution under a project funded by the CNR and directed by Dr. Maria Teresa Spagnoletti Zeuli (La Sapienza University, Faculty of law, Institute of international law).

-March 1999 has carried out research for the prof. Elena Sciso (Professor of diplomatic and consular law at the Faculty of political sciences at the Università La Sapienza) with regard to international treaties on economic matters.

-During the summer of 1999 has played for Dr. Spagnoletti Zeuli, a search on diplomatic and consular immunity.

-In the summer of 2000 he carried out research in international law. Joseph Palmisano (University of Camerino, then Assistant Professor at La Sapienza University, Faculty of political science), on the subject of self-determination with regard to the issue of Kosovo and the legality of the use of armed force by NATO in that region. During the same period he also collaborated with prof. Sciso for the preparation of the Report on the draft Convention on liability for environmental damage in Antarctica, in the framework of the activities of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting.

-Winter 2000-2001 research on adaptation of national law with Community law for the prof. Sciso.

-Winter 2001 finding legal material relating to guarantees of non-repetition in international law for the prof. Palmisano.

-Winter 2002 for research Dr. Antonio Marchesi (University of Teramo) on obligations of conduct and obligations of result.

-Spring 2003 on behalf of prof. Alessandra Gianelli (University of Teramo) acts research bodies concerning the general international law.

-late fall 2004 and winter 2005 research on denunciation of treaties for Dr. CINZIA Di Paolo (Università di Camerino).

-late fall 2004 and winter 2005 research into European Union law. Antonio Marchesi (University of Teramo) on international instruments to protect human rights.

Spring 2006 research on behalf of prof. Palmisano (Università di Camerino) consisting of the collection and in the synthesis of judgments of the constitutional jurisprudence in the area of general international law.


1992 collaboration with the Editorial Board of Amnesty International, translating texts from English published in the monthly magazine of the organization.

In April 1999 translation of legal texts from German (approx 100 folders) on the right of the European Union for the prof. Gianelli (University of Teramo).

March 2000 translation and arrangement of texts of German doctrine into the effects of subsequent practice within international organisations, in particular the UN, for the prof. G. Arangio-Ruiz.

June-July 2001 he worked on a translation from Italian into English for OBNF account, parent company of Confindustria.

February 2004 translated on behalf of Prof. Carla Averso Ada Garcia (French player at the Law Faculty of the University "La Sapienza") some texts from French into Italian in military criminal law and international criminal law in view of a Conference on these issues organized by the Military Judicial Council.

In April 2004 he carried out a translation from German of about 90 folders in financial matters on behalf of the law firm Lovells (Rome).

In September 2004 she translated for the prof. PIA Acconci (University of Teramo) from German to Italian text on the sources of law in the EU and their hierarchy (approximately 55 folders).

In March 2005 he translated from Italian to English texts concerning a toxicological expertise for the law firm Rodella (about 20 folders).

Between March and May 2005 translation from Italian into German and English into German various texts on consecrated life for the Bulletin of the UISG (International Union of superiors General) (German version of security bulletin for the months of March and June 2005).

July 2005 two translations from English into Italian for the Lexicon Translation Agency (registered office: Mestre, VE), the first concerning a document lodged at the international arbitration Chamber of Milan on arbitration between two pharmaceutical companies (65); the second concerning an interview made by Sergio Ungaro to your Office (Parmalat) (about 30 folders).

end of 2005 and beginning of 2006 a sworn translation of a judgment of the Court of first instance of Geneva from French into Italian in divorce matters and private international law on behalf of the law firm Screws & associates of Rome (about 20 folders).

between January and March 2006 translated for prof. Paul Vinci (Faculty of philosophy, University of Rome "La Sapienza"), translation of the following parts (about 84 pages) from the volume m. Heidegger, Beiträge zur Philosophie, GA Klostermann, Frankfurt am Main, 1989, Band 65: pp. 3-32 (Vorblick); pp. 264-269 (§§ 144-147); pp. 371-388 (§§ 238-242); pp. 465-490 (§§ 266-271.

Between the end of December 2006 and early January 2007 translation from English into Italian for prof. Arangio-Ruiz a text of about 64 folders in international law.

In April 2007 for the lawyer firm. Pirani, c/o partners and Associated (Rome) translation of the text of a contract (about 5 folders) from French into Italian.

In October 2007 for prof. Arangio-Ruiz translation of about 30 folders in an international law text from English into Italian on difference in the concept of legal personality as subjects of international law and those of national law.

-For Planet language services agency Carnate (Milan) in late October 2007 short translation from German into Italian of a text issued by the Office of Finance of Offenbach am Main.

In November 2007 for Dr. Bankey translation of the judgment of the Constitutional Court concerning the issue of May 8, 2007 loans Argentina (about 22, complete folders excluded dissenting opinion).

Text translation of Joseph Hubertus Pilates "Return Through Life Through Contrology", Roma, Carocci, 2008;

-In October 2009, he performed on behalf of prof. Paul Vinci (Univeristy Sapienza) translation of approximately 40 folders taken from s. Freud, Der Mann Moses und die monotheistische Religion for the purposes of the new edition Newton Compton works of Sigmund Freud.

translation of text by g. Jellinek Die rechtliche Natur der Staatenverträ4 ge, tr. The legal nature of the agreements between States, Grin, München, 2012;

-between November and December 2013 performed the translation from English into Italian of the arbitrator on the case Pihl CMC Ravenna, commissioned by law firm Pinsent Masons of London-(about 140);

-between November and December 2013 has performed a translation from Italian into German of a writ of summons on behalf of the law firm Baker & MacKenzie (Rome Office), approximately 45 folders.