Foto del docente

Giulia Spaletta

Associate Professor

Department of Statistical Sciences "Paolo Fortunati"

Academic discipline: MAT/08 Numerical Analysis

Curriculum vitae

The research activity of Giulia Spaletta principally consists in studying some Scientific Computation problems, of high complexity and large dimensions, designing and analysing efficient and innovative numerical solvers for the problems considered, employing new generation computing environments.

The research areas of interest can be grouped as follows:
- Numerical Linear Algebra and Parallel Comupting,
- Symbolic Calculus and Approximation, of differential equations and of experimental data,
even if the theoretical and implementation instruments, employed in solving the studied problems, relate to both areas.

Within the area of Numerical Linear Algebra and Parallel Computing, the focus has been on: direct methods for large dimension linear systems with structure; iterative methods for highly nonlinear systems; regularization for highly ill conditioned problems; Medical and Astronomical Imaging; Shape of human glands and their functional influence.

Within the area of Symbolic Calculus and Approximation, the focus has been on: ordinary differential equations integrators (ODEs); Geometric Integration; elementary differential Runge - Kutta methods (EDRKs); rounding error analysis and automatic control.

The computational resources used are those of both symbolic and numerical calculus, available within a particular integrated Scientific Computations and Computer Algebra environment, that of Mathematica.