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Giulia Lasagni

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/16 Criminal Procedure


INSTRUCTIONS for the European and International Criminal Procedure written examination

The examination is conducted in written form using the online platforms EOL and Zoom.

Before the exam

  • The test can only be taken with a computer equipped with a webcam and which allows keyboarding and screen sharing (NO SMARTPHONE)
  • Download the Zoom app and log in with your University credentials. Pay attention to the login: it must be done by clicking on "Sign in with SSO" and entering the domain "unibo" in the next step.
  • Test the functioning of the webcam and microphone on the Zoom platform.
  • Check that permissions are set correctly on your computer so that screen sharing is possible on Zoom (especially in the case of MACs)
  • Log on to EOL ( ) and check that the exam you are registered for and the link to take the test are visible (Please note: tests will only be available when the teacher links them to the list, after it has been closed). You will only have access to the test by means of a password, which the teacher will provide you with on the day of the exam.

    On the day of the exam

  • Log in to EOL (Online Examinations), click on Appelli di Giulia Lasagni and then select the exam you have registered for (pay attention to the date and the Degree Course!)
  • Click on "Zoom Meeting", switch on your webcam and microphone
  • I recommend punctuality. No students will be admitted after the start of the test.
  • Without closing/leaving the Zoom room, go to the test on EOL and start the test.
  • When you have finished the exam, or the maximum time has elapsed, you will also be able to leave the Zoom call

    The following behaviour leads to cancellation of the test

    - interruption or suspension of screen sharing
    - switching off the webcam;
    - prolonged disconnection;
    - attempted copying (use of other devices, consultation of online or paper resources, communication with others, ...)

    The teacher may request a webcam check of the surroundings at any time. In the event of cancellation, the student must register for another exam date.

    Description of the task

    The task consists of 3 open-ended questions (see description in the European and international criminal procedure course programme).

    The total time is 90 minutes.

    Once the time is up, the task is handed in automatically even if it is not complete.

    After the test has been completed

    The result of the assignment will be communicated by e-mail within 7 days after the examination has taken place.
    No later than the day following the announcement of the exam result, the student must notify by e-mail whether he/she wishes to accept or reject the grade.

Published on: December 13 2022