Foto del docente

Giovanni Paruto

Adjunct professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Curriculum vitae


Name Giovanni

Address Paruto





Date of birth

Name and address of employer:  University of Bologna

Type of company or sector:

Personal Abilities and Competencies

Acquired during a lifetime and career but not necessarily recognized by certificates and official diplomas

Second Language    English

Reading ability     good

Writing ability      elementary

Speaking ability    good

Relational Skills and Abilities  Living and working with other people, in multicultural environments, in positions where communication is important and situations where teamwork is essential

From 1986 to 2006  I was the National Secretary of the Association of Managing Directors of the department.

From January 2009 to February 2013 I was a consultant to the C. Rizzoli Foundation

From March 2013 (to the present) I am the Administrative and Treasury advisor to the   C. Rizzoli Foundation.

  Organizational Skills and Abilities


Principal Duty and Responsibility: Project Manager

Education and Training

1985   Specialist Diploma (2 years) in Labor Law with an achieved GPA of 110/110

Name and type of Education

or Training Institution:              Faculty of Jurisprudence (Law) University Studies Bari

1979  Graduate Diploma in Political Science, achieved GPA of 105/110

Name and Type of Education

Or Training Institution:     the Faculty of Law in Bari; I was enrolled at the Faculty of Law, University of Bologna, but I have not finished studying for the third exam. The exams show a GPA of 28/30.

Professional Experience

From 10-16-2012 to the present:  Project Manager—School of Pharmacy, Biotechnology  and Sports Sciences

From  June 1, 2008 to 10-15-2012:  Service Coordinator for teacher support,  President of  the Faculty of Sports Sciences, Director of Accounting Management Administration

From 1-1-2007 to 5-31-2008:    Department of Archaeology, Director of  Accounting  Management Administration  Department of Paleography and Medieval Studies,

                                                    Director of Accounting Management Administration     Department of History, Anthropology and Geography Studies, Administrative Secretary

From 12-15-1995 to 12-31-2006:  Department of Archaeology, Administrative Secretary

      Department of Paleography and Medieval Studies,   Administrative Secretary

      Interdepartmental Center for Utopia Research, Administrative Secretary

       Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literature, Secretary