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Giovanni Camera Roda

Alma Mater Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Adjunct professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Curriculum vitae

Born in Bologna (Italy) on march 28th 1954.

Doctor degree in Chemical Engineering on march 25th 1981 at the University of Bologna.

From march 1st 1983 Researcher at the Institute of Chemical Plants of the University of Bologna.

From july 14th 1987 Associate Professor at the Institute of Industrial Chemistry of the University of Genoa.

Currently Associate Professor from november 1st 1990 at the Department of Chemical and Mining Engineering and Environmental Technologies (presently Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering, DICAM) of the University of Bologna. A list of the various courses for the Chemical Engineering Degree, that he taught or is teaching,  includes : "Chemical Processes and Plants, Part II" and "Plants and Processes for the Food Industry", "Chemical Reactor Engineering", "Engineering of Separation Processes", "Photocatalytic Processes and Environmental Applications", "Pharmaceutical Technologies".

He is the coauthor of the plan for the treatment of the waste waters from olive oil mills produced in Liguria region (1988-1990).

He has been the main researcher for the modeling, chemical characterization and gas effluent treatment line in the National Program for Environmental Research Theme n.15. ref. 149115 - 12611374, Sub-theme 1 (In-Situ Vitrification of Contaminated Soils) funded of the Italian Ministry of University and Research.

The research is carried out through a chemical engineering approach in different fields, such as radiant energy transport, photocatalysis, ozonation, water detoxification and green chemistry. The focus for all these subjects is on the "process intensification", which is usually obtained through the coupling of reaction and separation or different "Advanced Oxidation Technologies". The aim of process intensification is a substantial enhancement of the yield and of the exploitation of the primary resources. In other words, sustainability is the actual goal, as it is nowadays required for the development of the chemical industries. The results can be applied in the field of water purification, sustainability and green chemistry. Some of the obtained results have been patented, such as the green synthesis of aromatic aldehydes (for instance vanillin) by photocatalysis and an eco-friendly method for the production of bromine.

He published several articles on international scientific journals and some chapters on scientific books, mostly in the field of photocatalysis. On this subject, the attention is on the coupling of photocatalysis with membrane separation processes for water purification and green synthesis, on the proper design of photocatalytic reactors and on the correct kinetic analysis of this type of reactions.

For a description of the research activity, see "Research".