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Giovanna Pezzi

Assistant professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/03 Environmental and Applied Botany

Curriculum vitae

Place and date of birth:  Brescia, 30/11/1971



Maturità classica (“Classic” High School Certificate), 1989-1990, at the “L. Galvani” Institute (Bologna).

Degree in Natural Sciences (University of Bologna), 20/03/1997, mark: 105/110

Research Degree, Environmental Sciences: Protection and Handling of Natural Resources (University of Bologna), 14th cycle, 3-year duration.

Research Fellow (from 01/05/2000 for 2 years), Environmental Sciences, at the Ravenna branch of the University of Bologna.

Masters in Biostatistics (Faculty of Statistical Sciences, University of Bologna), Academic year 2001-2002.


Other qualifications:    

Higher Diploma in 4QER-PSI IT system programming received on 17/12/1999 at the Centro Studi Aziendali Società Consortile r.l. (Via Bigari, 3, 41028 Bologna), authorised and financed by the Emilia Romagna Region and the European Social Fund.


Professional experience:          

Researcher in the BIO/03 scientific sector (Environmental and Applied Botany), at the Ravenna branch of the University of Bologna (started on 1 October 2002).

My research activities concern Vegetation and Landscape Ecology, with a special focus on land cover changes and the consequences on plant species diversity.


Associations: Member of Società Botanica Italiana (SBI); Società Italiana di Scienza della Vegetazione (SISV); Società Italiana di Ecologia del Paesaggio (SIEP-IALE); Unione Bolognese Naturalisti (UBN). 


Language skills:  English and German (school level)


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