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Giovanna Guerzoni

Assistant professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-DEA/01 Demology, Ethnology and Anthropology


Keywords: cultural tourism young and migration migrant families gender and educational istitutions migrations and Cultural istitutions mass media and cultural analysis human rights and school microcredit and Struggle Aigainst Poverty human rights and education drop-out urban anthropology

Comenius CMP Project “SAS Success at School through volunteering” (2012-2014) (Project n. 526187-LLP).The fied of research concern the methodological theoretical frame of the anthropology of the contemporaneity and they intend to deepen some sociocultural processes of the actual world - city, migration and cultural tourism, media, human rights - with particular attention to the educational contexts. New lines of prosecution of this fields of research are: the relationship between migrant families and and services to the childhood; cultural politics in the multicultural contexts.The ethnographic method constitutes the perspective through which to analyze the educational contexts allowing an interdisciplinary dialogue with other perspectives of research; such perspective has been, in the preceding years to the center both of itineraries of research-action of education to the human rights that in those of analyze to the language of the media. If the educational contexts can be cultured as spaces of social inclusion to the social networks of the urban territory (migrant families and young people of "second generation"), such perspective has now allowed to deepen new lines of search: the scholastic and social drop-out of the "second generations";  the relationship between cultural difference and gender in the educational relationships in family and in the services of childhood; the transformations in the cultural planning of the institutions (museums, libraries, theaters) turned to the "new citizens". Another field of investigation concerns, finally, the particularly evident processes of impoverishment in urban areas characterized by tall standards of comfort; such analysis also aims to build a network of public and private interlocutors with the purpose to individualize processes of social inclusion through, for instance, the tool of the microcredit.

The interdisciplinary research of the Department of Education Science, (co-ordinator M.Grazia Contini) on “The educational care in multicultural contexts”. Since 2009 the attention within this area has been focused on the issue of “Childhoods and migrant Families in the nursery school”. This perspective of analysis qualifies also my involvement in the PRIN research “Young migrants, migratory processes and urban contexts”(2007-2009).

Particularly, actually, the fields of my activity of research concern:  
- Childhood, families, migrant processes. Different occasions of research (PRIN: "Young migrants, migratory processes and urban contexts” (2007-2009) scientific co-ordination Matilde Callari Galli;  the interdisciplinary researches of the Dip. of Sciences of the education, "The care in Education" (2007-2009) and "Childhoods and Families ...” (2009-2011) - scientific co-ordination Maria Grazia Contini) they have allowed me to deepen more specific two fileds of research:  the relationship between migrant young people and the urban context particularly  on the role that plays in it the scholastic experience; the relationship between migrant families and educational and scholastic services to childhood, with particular respect to the phase of "reception" (from the analysis of the protocols of reception to the "point of view" on the school of the immigrated families). This activity of research on the theoretical plan has allowed me to discuss  the category of "second generations" and of "transnational families"; on the plain ethnographic, I am deepening, the dynamics of the scholastic failure of the "second generations" and in general the specificity their process of identitary construction as the models of share to the scholastic life between school and families proper to the contexts multiculturali.

- Urban contexts and migrant processes. A seam of research  concerns particularly the study of the migrant community through the ethnographic analysis of the urban context (Bologna) with the purpose to deepen the study both on the plan of their practices - agreements as the forms and the ways to live different spaces of the city: school, services, associations, public places, etc. - both on the plan of the representations produced by these groups - narrations that have for object the city of landing, relationships with the inhabitants, with the country of origin, with the present services on the territory particularly those concerning the childhood and the adolescence. It will deal with an ethnographic exploration of the young people and belonging migrant women to migrant families to deepen the experience of such immigration by the Italian society, in terms of institutional practices, social representations.

- Poverty and microcredit in the contemporary society. I have been involved as responsible of the Anthropological Area in the University Strategic Project “M.i.c.r.o” (2006-2008) about micro-credit as social intervention tool against poverty. Among its activities, I have involved on the realisation of a “Plan of practicality for the implementation of experiences of Micro-credit Grameen Italy”. Such filed of research is continued with a research concern to the relationship between migrant women and experiences of microcredit in Italy.

- Research about “Old and new poverty” (co-ordinator M.Callari Galli) at the Foundation Gramsci Institute Emilia-Romagna (2009-).

- Research promoted by the Province of Bolzano: “With new Cultures” (2010-2014) (scientific co-ordination Giovanna Guerzoni e Gabriella Presta) about the involvement of migrant communities in local cultural activities; analysis of the models of fruition of the cultural offer in the multicultural contexts (Bolzano) and of the politics cultural to the "new citizens" and elaboration of strategies of research-action to the cultural operators of the institutions with the purpose to involve the migrant communities in the fruition of the urban cultural offers, with particular regard to the "second generations."

"Gender Stereotypes and educational relationships" (2011 -2012) search promoted by the Region Emilia Romagna and conducted (through a special Convention) by the Csge (of which have belonged to the CO for 2010/2011 and now of the staff) - scientific coordination Stefania Lorenzini - my contribution of research concerns particularly the production of the gender differences in the educational styles of families and services to the child services

Comenius CMP Project “SAS Success at School through volunteering” (2012-2014) (Project n. 526187-LLP), this is a research in the field of Anthropology of Education particularly focusing on issues such as school performance, drop-out, school and communities, inclusive education patterns and education policies.