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Giovanna Guerzoni

Assistant professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-DEA/01 Demology, Ethnology and Anthropology

Curriculum vitae


Giovanna Guerzoni was born in Modena on the 5th December 1963. Resident in Modena, married, three daughters. She is researcher in Demo-ethno-anthropological Disciplines at the Department of Education Science of the University of Bologna. She is Professor of Cultural Anthropology, degree course in Primary Education Science (Faculty of Education Science-University of Bologna).

Partner of Aisea and  Lecob. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Gramsci Foundation, Emilia-Romagna.


1991: Graduated in Pedagogy from the University of Bologna with a thesis in Cultural Anthropology.

1996: Ph.D in Social Psychology with the thesis Social Representations of Human Rights  in the  contemporary Society (supervisors Augusto Polmonari, University of Bologna and Willelm Doise, University of Geneva), University of Bologna.

1996-1998: scholarship holder with a research in Anthropology of Human Rights and Bioethics (supervisor Matilde Callari Galli, University of Bologna).


Teaching activities:

A.Y. 2007-2008: Professor of “Cultural Anthropology”, degree course in Primary Education Science  and “Anthropology and Ethnography  of social Exclusion”, second level degree course in Pedagogy, Faculty of Education Science, University of Bologna.

A.Y. 2006/2007;2007/2008: Professor of “Cultural Anthropology”, degree course in Asian Languages, Markets and Culture , Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bologna.

A.Y. 2001-2006/2007: Professor of Anthropology of Health at the Post-graduate school of Health Psychology.

She is currently professor of “Epistemology and Anthropology of Complexity”, at the Ph.D. School, University of Bergamo;  professor of “ International Co-operation and sustainable Development”, University of Bologna; professor of “Diversity Management” at the European Ph.D. Of the University of Bologna (Italy), Graz (Austria), Sofia (Bulgaria).

Several teaching activities within the following Master Programmes: 2003/2004-2005/2006 “Politics, Competence and Intercultural Socio-educational Strategies”, University of Bologna ; “International Co-operation and Educational Dimension”, Faculty of Education Science; 2004-2005 II level Master in “Human Rights and Ethics of  International Co-operation”, University of Bergamo. 2001-today: Contract Professor of “Cultural Anthropology” at the Faculty of Education Science, University of Bolzano.


Research activities:

Since 1987 Anthropology of Education has been  the field of main interest.

1984-1987: Interdisciplinary research on “Childhood between 17th and 18th century”, promoted by the Municipality of Modena and the Region Emilia-Romagna in collaboration with the Department of Education Science, University of Bologna (scientific co-ordinators Piero Bartolini and Matilde Callari Galli) carried out with the realization of an exhibition in Bologna and Florence titled “Per amore e per forza. L'infanzia tra ‘800 e ‘900”.

Participation in two researches commissioned by Rai-Sat2 Ragazzi: - “Cultural models and formation of cultural identity processes. The role of television programmes in the processes of identity building in a multicultural context”(scientific co-ordinator: Matilde Callari Galli  and Gualtiero Harrison (1997/1999); - “Cultural models and formation of the cultural identity processes. Analyses and reception processes of childhood TV programmes”(scientific co-ordinator Matilde Callari Galli, 2000/2004). Further research titled: “Grow Women in Technology: Grow through the net” (2000-2002), promoted by Enaip and the Region Emilia-Romagna, dedicated to the relation between new technologies and gender.

Educational field research: “Theatre at school. Practices, imaginaries, resources of “making theatre” in educational contexts. Experiences of the school of Modena”(scientific co-ordinators Giovanna Guerzoni and Daniela Soci, 2006-2008), promoted by the municipality of Modena, by TheatreSchool office of the Centre of Documentation Memo and by Ater Emilia-Romagna.

2005-2007: Participation in the interdisciplinary research of the Department of Education Science (scientific co-ordinator M.Grazia Contini) on “The educational care in multicultural contexts”. Since 2009 the attention within this area has been focused on the issue of “Childhoods and migrant Families in the nursery school”. This perspective of analysis qualifies also my involvement in the PRIN research (scientific co-ordinator Matilde Callari Galli) on “Young migrants, migratory processes and urban contexts”(2007-2009).

2011-2012: Participation in the interdisciplinary research of the Department of Education Science and of the Region Emilia-Romagna on "Gender, Educational Relationships, Childhoods".   

Participation (as UNIBO Unit Coordinator) in the interdisciplinary Comenius project of research on SAS "Success at school" 2012-2013 with a network of european associations and istitutions (Assfam, Iriv, Ergo Institute, University of Bologna, University of Nothampton,  Cermes). 

The Success At School (SAS) was a 2 years project which aimed at helping young people who left or were at risk of leaving education to continue their participation. The project used volunteering as an approach to engage young people and provide them with skills and competences useful to their education. Through volunteering and a focused mentoring process, the SAS project aimed at bringing together voluntary associations, youth groups, schools, teachers, mentors, and above all young people to apply their knowledge, skills and aspirations in developing innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to address disengagement and non-participation in education.

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The second field of research (1993-2007) has been dealing with the study of social and cultural representations of human rights in the contemporary society. The research “Adopt one right”, promoted by the Ministry of Education, Region Emilia-Romagna, CdLei of Bologna and by the Department of Education Science.

Anthropology of Tourism has been the third area of interest. Together with Matilde Callari Galli I co-ordinated three important international research projects on cultural tourism, supported by MAE:

-       2002-2004: “Training course for experts in planning, management and development of cultural tourism in the Adriatic-Ionian Region” (Croatia- Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro).

-       1999-2007 “Cultural Tourism in Bulgaria. Training course  for Cultural Operators and Development of Museums. Integrated project of analysis/intervention for the cultural tourism in multicultural areas”.

-       2007-2009:“CulTuRe I” and “Culture II” promoted by the Municipality of Bologna and Tuzla (Bosnia).

In the last years I have been involved as responsible of the Anthropological Area in the University Strategic Project “M.i.c.r.o” (2006-2008) about micro-credit as social intervention tool against poverty. Among its first activities, several training courses (Caltagirone; Carpi (Modena) (2007/2008); the realisation of a “Plan of practicality for the implementation of experiences of Micro-credit Grameen Italy”.

I ‘m currently member of a group of study about “Old and new poverty” (co-ordinator M.Callari Galli) at the Foundation Gramsci Institute Emilia-Romagna (2009-).

I have been collaborating in two researches promoted by the Province of Bolzano: “With new Cultures”, about the involvement of migrant communities in local cultural activities; “Firmian” , project of activation of citizen participation in cultural activities, with particular attention to the new quarters of the city of Bolzano.

2014- present: Project “Territories making… school” promoted by SEST-San Donato District (Municipality of Bologna) in collaboration with the Department of Education Studies (UNIBO; scientific coordinator: Giovanna Guerzoni) and the Scuole Medie “Saffi” (Research Team: Giovanna Guerzoni, Fulvia Antonelli, Vincenzo Savini, Paola Marchetti, Filomena Massaro). In 2015 the ReSta Protocol was activated: the Protocol brings together the Municipality of Bologna, the Department of Education Studies and the Secondary School “Rubbiani” and it aims at both investigating and contrasting school drop-out. In 2016 a similar Protocol bringing together the Municipality of Bologna, the Department of Education Studies and the Secondary School “Arcangeli” was activated.

2017- Member of the University of Bologna Advisory Board sustaining the Metropolotan Strategic Plan activities carried out within the agreement between the Minicippalitu of Bologna and the University of Bologna