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Giacomo Antonioni

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/26 Analysis, Design and Control of Chemical Processes


Keywords: Surface Water Environmental Impact Phytoremediation Wastewater and flue gas treatment modeling Environmental Risk Assessment NaTech and domino effects in the process industry

The research activities are mainly addressed (or have been addressed) on the following aspects:

  • Methodologies for assessing the environmental impact of human activities on surface watercourses
  • Use of plants for the reduction of pollutants in indoor environments (indoor air phytoremediation)
  • Modeling of pollutant abatement systems with particular reference to waste-to-energy plants and to the adsorption of contaminants from water streams.
  • Methodologies for the quantitative assessment of environmental risk following major accidents in onshore and offshore fixed installations and in the transport of dangerous substances.
  • Innovative methodologies and development of tools for the quantitative assessment of risk in the transport of dangerous goods and in process plants with particular reference, in the second case, to the domino effect, the effects of natural events on industrial installations ("NaTech" type risks) and the consequences of the accident scenarios to which they can give rise.
  • Methods for the evaluation of various aspects concerning occupational safety and its management also through the application of tools based on fuzzy logic.

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