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Giacomo Antonioni

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/26 Analysis, Design and Control of Chemical Processes


Keywords: Quantitative Area Risk Analysis Domino Effect NaTech Environmental Risk Assessment Flue gas treatment

Innovative methodologies and development of tools for risk assessment in the transport of dangerous substances and in process plants including especially domino effect, effect of natural external events on industrial plants ("NaTech" risks) and modelling of accidental scenarios. Quantitative assessment of the risk due to domino effect caused by risk sources including fires, explosions, missiles within process plants or extended industrial areas and the quantitative effect of external natural events like earthquakes, flooding or lightning on these industrial plants.

Analysis of treatment systems for flue gas treatment. Methodologies for the modelling of two-stage dry treatment of flue gas for the removal of macro-pollutants produced during different combustion processes.

Methodologies for environmental risk assessment due to major accidents in fixed plants and in the transport of dangerous substances especially by pipeline.

Consequence assessment of major accidents with advanced tools for hazard evaluation posed by possible intentional external attacks and for improving the previously described methodologies.

Methods for the assessment of occupational safety by means of Fuzzy logic tools. 


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