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Geraldina Boni

Full Professor

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/11 Ecclesiastical and Canon Law



Gli studenti che intendono beneficiare dell’appello straordinario di laurea previsto per i giorni 25/26 maggio 2021 potranno anche beneficiare di un appello d’esame straordinario che fisso per il giorno 20 aprile alle ore 9.00 (per tutti i miei corsi). Gli studenti interessati devono contattarmi via ...

Published on: March 19 2021

First Semester Lessons

Lessons will be held in-person (students have to schedule the class). Those who cannot reach the campus are guaranteed the possibility of attending the lessons online.

Published on: September 18 2020


Due to the actual situations all exams scheduled will consist of an oral interview through the Microsoft Teams platform. More practical info on online oral exams are available here: ...

Published on: May 22 2020


Since face-to-face conferences are currently unavailable, those who wish to contact the Professor are recommended to write her an email in order to arrange times and methods for an online appointment (Skype, Teams).  The address is the following:

Published on: March 28 2020