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Gabriele Bitelli

Full Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ICAR/06 Surveying and Mapping


Keywords: Geomatics Cultural Heritage Numerical Cartography Remote Sensing Historical Cartography Surveying Digital Photogrammetry LiDAR 3D Modelling Monitoring

1) Integration of geomatic techniques (e.g. 3D scanning, digital photogrammetry) for Cultural Heritage surveying and representation: research about related problems and new potentialities for 3D surveying and modelling, monitoring of territory and structures, Urban Digital Twins, Virtual/MIxed Reality

2) Earth Observation: development of methods and applications for the use of high and medium-resolution satellite imagery for environmental studies (land use/cover, change detection, desertification, agricolture, water and marine resources, urban development, archaeology) and in damage mapping after natural and human induced disasters (floodings, earthquakes, landslides, ...). Time series analysis of satellite imagery.

3) Subsidence monitoring by integrated terrestrial (high precision leveling) and spatial (GPS, radar interferometric analysis) techniques on large areas, urban centers, single buildings.

4) Thermal surveys (airborne, UAV and satellite) for urban applications

5) Digital processing of historical cartography in support of territorial analysis. Archival Photogrammetry, airborne and terrestrial.

6) Geomatics applications for researches in Antarctica (Geodesy: deformation monitoring, Glaciology: glacier mapping by remote sensing in the framework of Global Change studies).

7) Methods and techniques for generation and validation of terrain and surface models (DTM, DSM).