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Francesco Gennari

Associate Professor

Department of Sociology and Business Law

Academic discipline: IUS/04 Business Law


Keywords: responsibility equity bancruptcy directors company

The research activity is turned on all the principal topics concerning the enterprises, in all them shapes, with particular reference and attention to corporations and companies.
I have confronted each other and examined, in such a field, specific tools at disposal of the collective entrepreneur, such as patrimonial destination and the corporate arbitration as alternative dispute resolution.
Other topic concern the new model of limited company allowed with a capital of one euro, and other issues about compagnie such as the director’s lyabilities and responibilities towards the company and the creditors, inside and outside the competition procedures, also in report to the rules on the capital stock, his mainteinance and the function of guarantee of the creditors.
Other topic of the research has been the network contract, which constitutes a new shape of collaboration between enterprises with the persective of the innovation and of the competitiveness. Within the bounds of the management of the companies, present research theme is always obout the responsibility of the directors and of the managers with particular reference to the internal organisation, and to the choice of the appropiate business models also to prevent the risks of insolvence and bankruptcy.
In occasion, then, of the approval of the reform of the credit banks co-operative, a specific attention has been put on the content of the new contract of adhesion, chosen by the legislator with the purpose of the creation of the new Co-operative bank Group

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