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Francesco Maria Barbini

Associate Professor

Department of Management

Academic discipline: SECS-P/10 Organization and Human Resource Management


Keywords: Organizational change Occupational health and safety Organization and Well-being Organization in disasters Organization of tourism enterprises Organization of tourism destinations

Organizational change
Analysis and interpretation of the major changes taking place in enterprises. The theoretical interpretation of the phenomena is carried out by adopting the most important contributions of the Organization Theory. These research activities investigate the organizational change at different analytical levels (micro-meso-macro) and the impact in terms of people management. A further line of research on this topic concerns the relationship between technological innovation and organizational change.

Organization and well-being
The research concerns the analysis of the impact of organizational choices on occupational health and safety (in terms of both primary prevention and risk management) and on workers’ well-being. A research line focuses on the analysis of the choices made by enterprises in order to manage risks in the workplace, also as a result of the most recent EU and national regulations. A further line of research concerns the relationship between the planning of emergency-management activities and the actual behaviors deployed in real-world situations. Another line of research on this topic investigates the practices implemented by enterprises to foster well-being in the workplace.