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Francesca Guarino

Assistant professor

Department of Sociology and Business Law

Academic discipline: SPS/07 General Sociology

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paper in Sociology? read this

nb: in order to ask your paper in Sociology it is absolutely necessary a) having already passed your exam in Sociology b) possibly with a good vote (starting from 24 on 30/30). Just below you can find a list of general themes and contents of interest I ask you to think about in order to propose ...

not attending students

Students who do not attend the course of Sociology but have to take the exam are kindly invited: to come anyway to the first lesson of the course; or, if you can't, to keep in touch with me to fix the way of studying and the aims required. in addition, please read the program ...

feedback di Patrizia Bonardi sul seminario tenutosi in data 4 aprile 2018

Traggo dalla pagina fb "artists sociologists" quanto scrive Patrizia Bonardi rispetto alla sua esperienza come relatrice al II seminario dedicato alle immagini, tenutosi in data 4 aprile 2018, organizzato per il corso di lezioni di Sociologia di quest'anno.  "Ieri ho tenuto un seminario all'università ...

L'Immagin-Azione - ciclo incontri dedicato (seminari) - corso di Sociologia 2015

Nome relatore e-mail Titolo seminario Data Roberto Bagni ...