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Francesca Gatta

Full Professor

Department of Interpreting and Translation

Academic discipline: L-FIL-LET/12 Italian Linguistics

Curriculum vitae

 Francesca Gatta: Master's degree at the University of Bologna  with thesis (supervisor Maria Luisa Altieri Biagi) on the language of a Sicilian novelist of the Seventeenth Century (Semantica e sintassi dell'attribuzione in Horcynus orca di Stefano D'Arrigo).

Studies on musical literature and history of music in Venice (1987-1989) at the Fondazione Levi and the Fondazione Cini, working on a project for cataloguing the opera librettos of the Regione Veneto.

1991. Assistant to Prof. Pietro Bellasi for the exibition Ipotesi Helvezia – Un certo espressionismo (Locarno 1991) and for a project on art under totalitarian regimes financed by the Fondazione Lingotto (1992-93).

1995. Tenured position as Researcher in Italian Linguistics at the Advanced School in Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators (SSLMIT) of the University of Bologna.

 2005. Tenured position as Associate Professor of Italian Linguistics at the SSLMIT.

Courses in Analysis of Dialogue for the Master's course in Multimedial translation (2002,2007, 2008);  in Methodology of Teaching Italian  for the SISS  at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Bologna (1999, 2001, 2002); in History of the italian language (march 2007 at the Università Complutense, Madrid).

Teacher of Italian Linguistics and in Italian for Translators at the SSLMIT (since 2002).

2000. Collaborator in the Italian Foreign Ministry's project for the Universities of Annaba and Blida (Algeria), jointly with the University of Bologna to allow Algerian professors to obtain Italian degrees. Is currently supervisor of the doctoral thesis of Prof. Messous Ottoman (University of Blida) on Dubbing in the Arab countries. Translation and sub-titling of Roberto Benigni's film La tigre e la neve (The tiger and the snow).   

Current lines of research: the language of music; the literary language of the twentieth century; the Italian of the mass media; methodology of teaching Italian.