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Federico Casolari

Associate Professor

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/14 European Union Law


Dissertation topics suggested by the teacher.

The list contains topics that have been already selected by students.

  • The EU contribution to the implementation of UN sustainable goals;
  • The freedom of establishment of companies under EU law;
  • Fiscal unfair competition & EU law;
  • The impact of Brexit over the CSDP;
  • LGBTI and migration;
  • The conventions for the avoidance of double taxation & EU law;
  • EPPO;
  • EU citizenship and access to social welfare;
  • The EU sanctions' regime agains Russia;
  • Tax heavens & EU law;
  • The protection of geographical indications under CETA;
  • The impact of Brexit over the criminal judicial & police cooperation;
  • The impact of Brexit over the EU citizenship;
  • The impact of Brexit over the CFSP;
  • Hate speech and human rights' protection;
  • The regulation of mass-surveillance: A comparison between the EU and Chinese approach;
  • The Visegrad Group and the respect of EU law;
  • The protection of cultural heritage in Syria;
  • The protection of the rule of law under EU law: The case of Poland;
  • Cybersecurity & EU law;
  • PESCO;
  • The recognition of driving licenses under EU law;
  • Protection of critical infrastructures under EU law;
  • Cyber warfare;
  • The EU approach to transitional justice.