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Emanuele Padovani

Associate Professor

Department of Management

Academic discipline: SECS-P/07 Business Administration and Accounting Studies

Director of First Cycle Degree of Economics and business

Useful contents

Local Public Finance in Europe

Local governments are relevant for countries' economies and have proved to be extremely relevant for society during the recent 2008/2009 financial crisis. But little research is available about local finance from an international comparative perspective. An international project report by Bertelsmann ...

City of Rome Bonds' Risk and the Municipal Bond Market in Italy

City of Rome's finances have received lot of attention in the Italian political debate recently. The two forces in power at the central government, Lega and 5 Star Movement, are arguing about whether transferring municipal debt to the central government. But, from the municipal bond investors' perspective, ...

Analysis of lengths of payment in Italian municipalities during the financial crisis

Analysis of the length of payments of Italian municipalities according to the analysis of financial reports in the period 2012 thru 2016. The analysis provides the break-down into macro-areas, regions, and demographic dimension. It also shows the differences among leading political parties and provides ...

City Economic and Financial Governance

The European “City Economic and Financial Governance Group (CEFG Group)” is dedicated to creating a space for mutual learning in the field of economic and financial governance. This "City Ecofon" group unites larger European cities that aim towards a different way of doing politics – politics that are ...