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Emanuele Padovani

Associate Professor

Department of Management

Academic discipline: SECS-P/07 Business Administration and Accounting Studies

Director of First Cycle Degree of Economics and business


The analysis of Italian municipal public services within the National Council for Economics and Labor's annual report presented to Parliament and Government on January 15, 2020

The status of municipal services analysis by the Department of Management of University of Bologna within the National Council for Economics and Labor's annual report, presented on January 15, 2020 to the Italian Parliament and Government.

Published on: January 16 2020

Release of the first comparative study on local public finances in EU

The first report on comparative study on local public finances in EU has been released. More info here.

Published on: September 26 2019

Le performance dei servizi comunali - Analisi per conto di CNEL

I comuni hanno ridotto le proprie spese amministrative di quasi il 6% fra il 2013 e il 2015, segno di una decisa efficacia delle politiche di spending review e fiscal compact. Ma non solo. Scopriamo anche che il Nord-ovest spende poco meno del sud, 169 Euro contro 161 Euro, e si distacca notevolmente ...

Published on: November 15 2018

Municipal Bond Debt and Sustainability in a Non-Mature Financial Market: The Case of Italy

Local government (LG) debt increased worldwide during the past decade. Yet, LGs need increased access to financing so they can maintain and expand their community’s infrastructure. Expanding an LG’s bond-related debt (while continuing to meet ongoing debt-service obligations) is essential to its sustainability. ...

Published on: September 12 2018

The role of a municipality’s financial health in a firm’s siting decision

New publication release on "Business Horizons". When deciding where to locate a new facility, a firm needs to consider the financial health of the municipality where its activities will take place. Unless it sites its facility in a financially viable community, a firm is putting a substantial investment ...

Published on: June 17 2018

Implementing Local Government Strategies: A Framework for Action

New publication release on "International Journal of Business and Management". To implement its strategy, a local government (LG) can use six interrelated activites, which we call the Six Cs. These activities comprise coalition building, citizen involvement, conflict management, compensation and rewards, ...

Published on: June 17 2018

A Research on the Debt Sustainability of China’s Major City Governments in Post-Land Finance Era

New publication released on "Sustainability" review. Land finance, i.e., a city government’s revenue, depends deeply on the revenue from transferring multiannual land use rights and is a phenomenon unique to China. However, due to increasingly tense land supply, increasingly prominent social conflicts, ...

Published on: June 17 2018

Now available: Report "Analysis of lengths of payment in Italian municipalities during the financial crisis"

Analysis of the length of payments of Italian municipalities according to the analysis of financial reports in the period 2012 thru 2016. The analysis provides the break-down into macro-areas, regions, and demographic dimension. It also shows the differences among leading political parties and provides ...

Published on: March 24 2018