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Elisa Franzoni

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/22 Materials Science and Technology

Curriculum vitae


- Degree cum laude in Building Engineering at the University of Bologna in 1996 (the degree thesis was titled “Materials and decay in portico structures in Bologna: the case of the porticoes of S. Luca and of Alemanni”; supervisor prof. F. Sandrolini; co-supervisors: prof. G. Cuppini, ing. arch. P. Scarpellini, dr. A. Saccani).

- Professional practice examination for engineering licence in 1997 at the University of Bologna and enrolment in the Engineers Register of Bologna.

- Certificate of Proficiency in English (University of Cambridge) in 1997.

- PhD in Materials Engineering in 2001 at the University of Bologna (the thesis was titled "Moisture in ancient walls: diagnostic methodologies and innovative reclaim techniques”; supervisor: prof. F. Sandrolini).

Present position

- Associate Professor in Materials Science and Technology at the Department DICAM

- Vice-Director of the Department DICAM

- Scientific Responsible for the “Laboratory of Materials Science and Technology” (LASTM) at DICAM

- Italian national qualification as Full Professor in Materials Science and Technology

- Member of RILEM

- Member of the Executive Board of the "Integrated Research Team - AlmaHeritageScience" (Science and innovative services for cultural heritage) at the University of Bologna.

- UNIBO representative in the Committee Heritage and regeneration of the European Technology Platform ECTP

- Supervisor of research fellows and PhD students at DICAM

- Reference person of the Research Group “Materials and Technologies for architectural conservation and repair” at DICAM

- Reference person of several research collaborations with universities and research centres abroad, such as University of Porto, Portugal; Princeton University, USA; EMPA-Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research, Switzerland

- Associate Editor of Materials and Structures and Member of the Editorial Board of Advances in Concrete Construction e NED University Journal of Research – Materials

- Reviewer for several international journals (Cement and Concrete Composites, Construction and Building Materials, Materials and Structures, Waste Management, Central European Journal of Engineering, HKIE Transactions, Periodico Italiano di Mineralogia)

Scientific activity

- Author of more than 140 papers in journals and conference proceedings, both national and international (91 in Scopus, H-index 28)

- Supervisor/tutor of several research fellows and PhD students at DICAM

- Supervisor of a PhD Student (Eslami Nasser, Title of research: Electroosmosis in Masonry) at the Department of Civil Engineering, DTU, Technical University of Denmark

- Prof. Luca Bertolini Memorial Award 2019 to Elisa Franzoni by the American Concrete Istitute (ACI) Italy Chapter for the scientific publication: E. Franzoni, A. Leemann, M. Griffa, P. Lura, The ‘‘Terranova’’ render of the Engineering Faculty in Bologna (1931–1935): reasons for an outstanding durability, Materials and Structures (2017) 50:221

- Scientific responsible for "CIRI Edilizia e Costruzioni" (University of Bologna) in the POR-FESR 2018-2020 project ”MImeSIS" (Materiali Smart Sensorizzati e Sostenibili per il Costruito Storico - Smart sensorized materials for historical buildings) (2019-2022)

- Supervisor of the European project “HAP4MARBLE” (Multifunctionalization of hydroxyapatite for the restoration and preventive conservation of marble artworks), funded within the call H2020-MSCA-IF-2014 of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (2015-2018) (MSCA Fellow: dr Enrico Sassoni). The Project received the European Heritage Awards/Europa Nostra Awards - ILUCIDARE Special Prize 2021 for “Excellence in Heritage-led Innovation”

- Participant to the European project "ROCK" (Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities), funded under H2020-EU.3.5.6. - Cultural heritage (SC5-21-2016-2017 - Cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth)

- Participant to the European project "SHELTER" (Sustainable Historic Environments hoListic reconstruction through Technological Enhancement and community based Resilience), finanziato nel bando H2020-EU.3.5.6. - Cultural heritage (SC5-21-2016-2017 - Cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth)

- Supervisor of the European project “VOLATILE4ARCHAEO” (Investigation of Volatile Binding Media in temporary consolidation of archaeological materials), funded within the call H2020-MSCA-IF-2020 of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (2021-23) (MSCA Fellow: dr Hamada Sadek Kotb)

- Since 2011 up to now, scientific responsible for research contracts and consultancy agreements with Industrial Partners, such as CTS Srl (Italy); Florim Ceramiche S.p.A. (Italy); Fiori Group S.p.A. (Italy); Safeguard Europe Ltd (UK), Leonardo srl (Casaleccho, BO), NT Conservation (Bulgaria)

- Since 2001, participation to several Research Contracts and Collaborations of the Department of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science of the University of Bologna with Public Bodies, Research Institutions, Private Companies (e.g.: testing of new experimental technologies for ready-mix concrete, diagnostic investigations on the materials of the Theatre “Ebe Stignani” in Imola (XIX cent.), diagnostic investigation on the materials of the Tiberius Bridge in Rimini (I cent.), etc.)

- Since 1998, participation to several Research MURST ex-60% ed ex-40% in the field of Materials Science and Technology

- From 2005 to 2010, member of the “Laboratorio materiali per la progettazione meccanica MATMEC” (“Laboratory on materials for mechanical design MATMEC”, a Net-Lab of the District HI-MECH for Advanced Mechanical Technologies) and collaborator of “NEtwork per il REstauro Avanzato NEREA” (“Network for advanced restoration NEREA”)

- Since 1997, collaboration and consultancy contracts with several public and private Research Institutes: e. g. “Società Oikos Ricerche” in Bologna (investigation on bio-compatible materials and technologies in the repair of the so-called “Ex-officine Junghans” in Venezia); Dipartimento di Architettura e Pianificazione territoriale of the University of Bologna (Feasibility Study for the Project: “Malta: la Fabbrica delle Mura”); Alma Mater Foundation in Bologna (for the Project “Malta: la Fabbrica delle Mura”, within a specific “Cooperation agreement between the Alma Mater Foundation and the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Malta, aimed to restoring the fortification system and the church of S. Caterina d'Italia in Malta”); Dipartimento di Ingegneria Chimica e Alimentare of the University of Salerno (within the Research Project “Methodologies and Technologies for the management and the enforcement of restoration and consolidation works in the historical centre of Salerno”)

- Participation to the “international Design competition: a Concert Hall for Sarajevo”, within the Biennal of the young artists from Europe and Mediterranean (in 1999)

Teaching activity

- She is and has been in charge of several Modules and Courses at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Bologna: Modulus about diagnostics for restoration in the Course “Chemistry and technology of materials' restoration and conservation” (European 2nd level Degree Course in Building Engineering - Architecture); Modulus “Materials technology and chemistry” of the “Design Lab of Building Technologies” (European 2nd level Degree Course in Building Engineering - Architecture); Course “Materials Technology and Applied Chemistry” (Degree Course in Civil Engineering); Course “Materials characterization and laboratory - laboratory of materials characterization” (International 2nd level Degree Course in Materials and sensors systems for environmental technologies)

- She received the Best Teacher Award for the Master degree Historic Buildings Rehabilitation by DICAM in 2016

- Teacher in the Post-Graduate Master degree course "Sustainable Design: buildings repair and urban regeneration” at the University of Bologna (Modulus “Materials for sustainable construction”) and in the Post-Graduate Master degree course "Ceramic technology and enterprise" at the Universities of Modena-Reggio and Bologna.

- Reference person for an Erasmus exchange program with the University of Aveiro

- Teaching activity in several professional training courses and refresher courses, summer schools, schools and seminars on the topics of the Materials science and technology field, with particular reference to materials and techniques for diagnostics and architectural restoration, durability of reinforced concrete and materials for ecosustainable constructions.

- Teaching activity for the technicians of the “Restoration Unit” of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Malta (diagnostic methodologies for architectural restoration).

- Supervisor/ cosupervisor of about 100 degree theses discussed at the Engineering Faculty of Bologna in the field of materials for building and industrial engineering, of architectural restoration and repair and of environmental issues connected with the use and recycle of materials.

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