Foto del docente

Elisa Ercolessi

Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Academic discipline: FIS/02 Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Models and Methods

Curriculum vitae

Born in Bologna, Jan 16, 1965.

  • Academic Career

    From 2005: Associate Professor (SSD FIS/02, Sett. Conc. 02/A2) at University of Bologna

    1998-2005: Researcher at University of Bologna

    1996-1997: Post-doc at University of Bologna

    1994-1996: Post-doc at INFM (Bologna and Firenze)

    September 1994: PhD in Physics – Syracuse University – Syracuse N.Y., U.S.A.

    December 1989: Laurea in Fisica (cum laude) - University of Bologna

    Abilitazione Nazionale, Sett. Conc. 02/A2 (July 2017)

  • Institutional Roles

    From 1995: Associated to INFN – Group IV - Sezione di Bologna

    From 2002: Member and tutor of Collegio Superiore - University of Bologna

    From 2010: Member of Collegio del Dottorato in Fisica - University of Bologna

    From 2010: Member of the Italian Physical Society

    2012-2018: Delegate of the Department of Physics and Astronomy in Collegio della Scuola di Scienze - University of Bologna

    2012-2018: Director of Bachelor and Master Degree in Physics del Corso di Laurea e della Laurea Magistrale in Fisica - niversity of Bologna

    From 2018: Member of the Academic Senate as Representative of Area 1

    From 2019: President of the Permanent Didactic Commission of the Italian Physical Society

  • Didactic Activity

    - Classes for Bachelor Degree (Elecromagnetism, Mathematical Metods)

    - Classes for Master in Physics (Statistical mechanics, Many Body Systems, Differential Geometry)

    - Classes for PhD in Physics (Advanced Statistical Mechanics, Geometrical Methods, Quantum Information)

    - Monographic classes for Collegio Superiore (Order and Phase Transitions, Quantum Mechanics)

    - Supervisor of about 35 master theses and 7 PhD dissertations

  • Research Activity
    • Pubblicazioni: autore di 2 libri e circa 80 articoli su riviste internazionali.
    • Organization of Conferences: 7th, 8th and 9th Bologna Workshop on Conformal Field Theory and Integrable Models and their applications to Quantum Field Theory, Statistical Mechanics and Condensed Matter Physics (2006, 2011, 2014); Quantum Mechanics: from Fundamental Problems to Applications (2006); Folding and Unfolding: Interactions from Geometry (2011); Quantum (2016); XXIII and XXIV Problems in Theoretical Physics: Information Geometry and Quantum Information (2017, 2018); Physics and Geometry (2017).
    • Seminars (invited, recents): Problemi Attuali di Fisica Teorica, Vietri sul Mare, Italy (2013, 2014); Entanglement Entropy in Many Body Quantum Systems, London, UK (2014); XXIII International Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics, Granada, Spain (2014); Quantum Physics: Foundations and Applications, NITheP, Stellenbosch, South Africa (2015); International Workshop on Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Applications, Madrid , Spain (2017); International Workshop on Quantum Physics and Geometry, Levico Terme, Italy (2017); IQIS 2017 - 10th Italian Quantum Information Science conference, Florence, Italy (2017).
    • Research Fundings: Coordinatore di Unità per il progetto di ricerca “Quantum” dell’INFN (Group IV), dal 2011 ad oggi; Coordinatore di Unità del Progetto PRIN 2007 “Transizioni di fase, entanglement e integrabilità in sistemi in bassa dimensionalità”; PI per il progetto di ricerca di base AlmaIdea 2017 (Univ. Bologna) “Fasi Esotiche della Materia in 2 dimensioni”.

      Come Partecipante: Antiferromagnetici quantistici in bassa dimensonalità (PRIN 2000,), Sistemi quantistici fortemente correlate in bassa dimensionalità (PRIN 2002), Sistemi elettronici e di spin fortemente correlate in bassa dimensionalità (PRIN 2005, partecipante), Progetto EUCLID (FP5 EU Marie Curie Network 2002).

    • Research interests:

      •   Aspetti Geometrici della Meccanica Quantistica: strutture geometriche in spazi continui e discreti, fase di Berry, entanglement e teoria dell’informazione quantistica.
      • Transizioni di Fase Quantistiche: teorie di campo efficaci per lo studio su sistemi quantistici a molti corpi in basse dimensioni e fortemente correlati, fasi topologiche e con ordine macroscopico, entropia di entanglement.
    •  Editorial Activity:

      •  Editor of: The European Physical Journal – Plus.
      • Member of: Reviewer Panel for Mathematical Reviews 2014-16.
      • Referee for: IOP Journals (J. Phys. A, J. Physics Cond. Matter); APS Journals (Phys. Rev. Letters, Phys. Rev. A, Phys. Rev. B); other Journals (Int. Jour. Geom. Methods in Modern Physics, New J. of Physics, Eur. Phys. Jour. C, Foundations of Physics).
  • Outreach

- Courses of higher education for Adults: Università Primo Levi, Bologna (2011-12).

- Training classes for high-school Students: Progetto PLS (2013, 2014), Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro (2017, 2019).

- Training classes for high-school Teachers: Progetto PLS (2014, 2017).