Foto del docente

Elisa Ercolessi

Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Academic discipline: FIS/02 Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Models and Methods

Curriculum vitae

Born in Bologna, Jan 16, 1965.

  • Career

    From 2005: Associate Professor (SSD FIS/02, Sett. Conc. 02/A2) at University of Bologna

    1998-2005: Researcher at University of Bologna

    1996-1997: Post-doc at University of Bologna

    1994-1996: Post-doc at INFM (Bologna and Firenze)

    1994: PhD in Physics – Syracuse University – Syracuse N.Y., U.S.A.

    1989: Laurea in Fisica (cum laude) - University of Bologna

    “Abilitazione Nazionale” Full Professor, Sett. Conc. 02/A2 (July 2017)

    Research Associate INFN – Group IV - Sezione di Bologna

    Member of: European Physical Society, Italian Physical Society, Italian Society of Statistical Physics

  • Institutional Roles

    From 2023: Responsible (co-direction with L. Benini) of the Scientific Unit ”AI and HPC” of the Alma-AI Center - University of Bologna

    From 2021: Delegate for Didactics of Dept. Physics and Astronomy - University of Bologna

    2019-2022: President of the Permanent Didactic Commission of the Italian Physical Society

    2018-2021: Member of the Academic Senate as Representative of Area 1 - University of Bologna

    2012-2018: Coordinator of Bachelor and Master Degree in Physics - University of Bologna

    2012-2018: Delegate of the Department of Physics and Astronomy in Collegio della Scuola di Scienze - University of Bologna

    2010-2022: Member of Collegio del Dottorato in Fisica - University of Bologna

    2002-2009: Member and tutor of Collegio Superiore - University of Bologna

  • Research

    Scientific interests:

    Quantum Information and Quantum Computation

    Geometric Structures in Quantum Mechanics

    Quantum Many Body Theory and Phase Transitions

    Publications: 3 books, more than 80 papers in international journals

    Conferences: (co)-organizer of 14 international workshops

    Editorial Activity: Editor of:The European Physical Journal Plus; Referee for IOP, APS and other Journals

    Research Projects:

    From 2023: Co-PI of WP 4 Quantum Computing, of the HORIZON-MSCA-2021 Project CaLIGOLA

    From 2023: Scientist in Charge for Physics@Unibo in HORIZON-MSCA- 2022-DN-01 Project: CaLiForNIA

    From 2022: Participant to Spoke 10 Quantum Computing in PNNR National Center on HPC

    2020-21: PI of ISCRA project “ Bayesian Adaptive Techniques for Quantum Optimization on NISQ Devices (in collaboration with CINECA and PASQAL)

    2021-2023: PI of IFAB project “Quantum technologies for business-oriented applications” (in collaboration with INFN, CINECA and Leithà-Unipol)

    2017-2019: PI of AlmaIdea Project 2017 (Univ. Bologna) “Exotic Phases of Matter in 2dimensions”

    PRIN 2007: Unit Coordinator of the project “Phase transitions, entanglement and integrability in low-dimensional systems”

    From 2011: Unit Coordinator for the Research project “Quantum” by INFN (Group IV)

  • Teaching

 Classes for Bachelor, Master Degree, PhD in Physics

Monographic classes for Collegio Superiore

Supervisor of more than 60 master theses and 13 PhD dissertations

Organizations of Schools: 2nd School on Physical Sensing and Processing (2020); 3rd School on Physical Sensing and Processing (2022)

  • Outreach

Courses of higher education for Adults: Università Primo Levi, Bologna (2011-12)

Training classes for high-school Students PLS 2013, 2014 and Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro 2017,2019,2021, 2022, 2023

Training classes for high-school Teachers PLS 2014-1207-2020

General public conferences