Foto del docente

Elena Fabbri

Full Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/09 Physiology

President of the Ravenna Campus Board


Updated 28th march 2014 - Physiological responses to environmental stress factors in invertebrates, vertebrates and human cell lines. Physiological aspects and changes in the presence of environmental stress factors concerning: signal transduction (cAMP, IP3-Ca2+ and MAPK); gene and protein expression of Heat Shock Proteins and metallothioneins; gene expressions of MXR carriers; enzyme acttivities; biomarkers of exposure and genotoxicity.

The environmental stress factors, natural or anthorpogenic, induce modifications of physiological parameters in exposed organisms. These can be displayed at different levels, molecular, cellular, etc. and can be protective or adaptive responses, although pathological consequences are aldo present. The laboratori of Evironmental Physiology and Biochemistry located at CIRSA, Ravenna and headed by Prof. Elena Fabbri works on the effects played by environmental stress factors of physical (temperature and electromagnetic fields)  or chemical (heavy metals, oxidants) nature have on physiological functions in particular 1) on HSP70 and  metallotihonein (MT) expressions for what concerning cytoprotection ; 2) on the expression levels of genes implicated in cytoprotective responses including those coding for  MT, HSP70 and members of the Multidrug Xenobiotic Resistance (MXR) family; 3) son signal transduction pathways cAMP-, calcium- and MAPK- dependent. The experimental models are mussels, Mytilus galloprovincialis, and human trophoblast cell lines. Moreover the activity of the laboratory is addressed to a more applicative fiels, concerning the  biomarker evaluation in bivavle molluscs and earthworms. Biomarkers are biological parameters as lysosome functionality, lipofuscin or neutral lipid accumulation, calcium ATPase activity, Acethylcholiesterase activity, DNA damage which are optimal indicatore of animal health status. These parameters are used for evaluation of environmental quality. Lab bibliographic references: HSP70 and metallothioneins: Piano et al., Cell Stress Chap 2002; 2004;Valbonesi et al., Placenta 2008; Fabbri et al., J. Inv Sur 2008, review; HSP70 and MXR gene expression: Franzellitti e Fabbri, Biochem Biophys Res Comm 2005; 2006. Singal transduction: Valbonesi et al., Sci Tot Env. 2003; Fabbri and Capuzzo, Aquat Toxicol. 2006; Valbonesi et al, Placenta 2008; Electromagnetic fields Valbonesi et al., 2008; Franzellitti et al., 2008. Biomarkers: Viarengo et al., Comp Biochem Physiol 2007, review.