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Diana Di Gioia

Full Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/16 Agricultural Microbiology

Director of First Cycle Degree in Agricultural Technology

Curriculum vitae

Diana Di Gioia is Full Professor in Agricultural Microbiology since October2020.

Already Associate Professor at the same University since 2014 and Researcher sonce 2001, she obtained a PhD degree in Microbial Ecology at the University of Bologna with the final thesis entitled “Characterization of bacteria capable of degrading the phenolic fraction of olive mill wastewaster”.

She has been vice-head of the Department of Agricultural Sciences (2016-2017) and Delegate for International Relations of the same Department (2015-2017). She is member of the board of the Italian Society of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Microbiology.

She is the coordinator of the bachelor Degree in Agricultural Technology.

Her main research interests regard:

- the study of beneficial and probiotic microorganism in plants, rhizosphere and soil

- the application of microorganisms to soil aimed at the improvement of soil quality and fertility

- the application of probiotics and prebiotics to humans and animals to fight diseases and correlation with the gut microbiota composition

- the characterization of the microbial communities from several matrixes, including agricultural soil under different agronomic management

- the antimicrobial activity of natural molecules and agro-industrial by-products.

- description, polyphasic taxonomic and functional characterization of new potential probiotic strains.

She has published 130 papers on scientific peer reviewed journals with impact factor (Scopus h-index 40, total citations SCOPUS:  4000 on July 2023), 9 book chapters and she is co-editor of the book "Probiotics and prebiot for animal health and food safety", SPRINGER, 2018.

She is participating in several national and international research programs:

- Popolazioni evolutive di specie mellifere di interesse industriale (SWEET) Bando Masaf 2023, UNIBO Coordinator Diana Di Gioia

- Improving soil-plant-insect interactions to promote pollinators (IMPLICIT) PRIN: PROGETTI DI RICERCA DI RILEVANTE INTERESSE NAZIONALE – Bando 2022 UNIBO Coordinator Diana Di Gioia

- University business alliance in modern biotechnology approaches for climate change mitigation solutions (BioSave) 2020-2023 621492-EPP-1-2020-1-BG-EPPKA2-KA (Coordinator of the University of Bologna research Unit);

- Nourishing Probiotics to bees to mitigate stressors (NO PROBleMS), H2020-MSCA-RISE 2017, GA 77760, 2018-2023 (Scientific coordinator of the project).

- Green Technology Foresight about challenges from biotechnology and ICT (Digit-BioTech) 2019-2022 BG01-KA203-062371, ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME KEY ACTION 2 (Coordinator of the University of Bologna research Unit);

- Towards innovation-driven and smart solutions in short food supply chains (SMARTCHAIN), H2020 GA773785, 2018-2021 (Coordinator of the University of Bologna research Unit);

- Qualità del suolo e servizi ecosistemici: interazioni multi-funzionali fra terreno, microbiota e insetti utili (QUABIO), progetto finanziato dall’Università di Bologna nell’ambito del programma Alma Idea (member of the University of Bologna research group).

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