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Davide Gottardi

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/16 Agricultural Microbiology


Keywords: Microbiology Recovery and valorization of food by-products Fermented food Probiotics Gut microbiome and simulators Bioactive molecules Selection of microbial starters for food and industry Natural antimicrobials

  • Use of microbial enzymes (such as proteases and lipases) or unconventional microorganisms to recover and valorize waste and by-products from the food industry;
  • Use of natural antimicrobials (essential oils, microbial metabolites, bacteriocins, peptides) for food preservation;
  • Isolation and characterization of conventional and new generation probiotics;
  • Evaluation of pro and prebiotic activity though in vitro models of the human microbial ecosystem;
  • Identification, characterization, and selection of microbial cultures to produce traditional and innovative food;
  • Study the microbial stress response mechanisms ;
  • Exploitation of non-thermal technologies (such as high pressure homogenization) to stabilize/obtain functional and innovative food and beverages;
  • Application of "smart" packaging to improve quality and safety of fruit and vegetables.

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