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Danila Longo

Associate Professor

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ICAR/12 Architectural Technology

Curriculum vitae

Danila Longo, architect, PhD, Associate Professor of Technology for Architecture at the Dpt of Architecture aUniversity of Bologna. She is Delegate for international researches and relations for the Department of Architecture and member of the panel for VRA, VQR and SUA-RD.

She graduated in 1999 at the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara. In 2004 she achieved the title of PhD (Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara - IUAV University of Venice) on Technology of Architecture.

From 2002 to 2004 she is a member of the project group of IUAV - Venice for PRIN MIUR 2000-2002: "Strategies for the promotion of the recycling in architecture "- local coordinator: prof. Nicola Sinopoli, national coord.: prof. Virginia Gangemi.

Since 2004 she is a staff member of the LEM (Laboratory of Maintenance and Construction and Environment Management) at the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara, collaborating in research and development of programs for the real estate maintenance and for the energy qualification of buildings.

From 2004 to 2006 she is Contract Researcher at the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara and she is involved in the European research "VILLAS, stately homes and castles: compatible use, valorisation and creative management", a project co-financed by the European Union in the Interreg III B program - local coordinator: prof. Roberto Di Giulio. The aims of the project are the improvement and revitalisation of the aesthetic and economic aspects of the architectural heritage, creating an assessment model and defining a compatible strategic tool for the reuse.

In 2004/05 and 2005/06 she is a contract professor in Environmental Design at the Faculty of Architecture of Cesena and Ferrara.

Since 2006 she is Researcher on Technology of Architecture at the DA, University of Bologna, where she teaches Detail Design and Detail Design I and II in the Final synthesis Laboratory "Living spaces. Contemporary identity of the residence"and  Technical quality in design in the three-year degree in  Architecture and design process.

Since 2014 she is Associate Professor of Technology for Architecture where she is chair of Technology for Architecture Design.

Since 2006 she takes part in Research Doctorate (PhD) Commission of University of Ferrara - IUAV Venice - DAPT Bologna as teacher in Technology of Architecture about "The quality of product and the quality of process: new trends for the architecture construction project".

In 2008 she was involved in the preliminary study for the Urban Agreement for the development of industrial areas in Forlì – Cesena uncharged by the Province and was engaged in defining the new concept of ecologically productive area facilities. (coord. Prof. Stefano Stanghellini).

Since 2008 she participates in the research of the Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Engineering of Cesena on "Architectural design and photovoltaic systems: integration and technology" (coord.:  prof. Gino Malacarne)which examines the opportunities and critical issues to install photovoltaic sensors on buildings and sets guidelines for the design of integrated solutions.

Since 2010 she is involved in the national research PRIN08 “Renovation, regeneration and valorisation of social housing settlements built in the suburban areas in the second half of last century” (national coordinator prof. Roberto Di Giulio, local coordinator prof. Andrea Boeri).

Since 2014 she is member of the research group for MIUR Smart Cities - RIGERS - Urban regeneration: smart buildings and networks.

Since 2014 she is in the international network Latitudes on Climate Changes, coordinated by University of Westminster.

Since 2015 she is member of EERA – JPI on smart cities.

In 2015 she is in the scientific committee of the international "Adaptation Summer School", organized by UNIBO, ASTER, Municipality of Bologna and EU Climante KIC platform.

In 2016 she is member of the scientific committee of the international Summer School "Sustainable and Circular Metropolises".

Since 2016 she is member of the Action Cluster Sustainable Districts and Built Environment of the EIP Smart Cities and Communities.

Since 2009 she is member of the Italian company of Technology (SitdA)

She is member of the scientific secretariat of the OFF line laboratory at the Faculty of Architecture of Cesena where she is involved in applied and experimental national and international activities of research.

Since 2011 she is memer of CTS- GBC - Italy.

Since 2011 she is member of the Editorial Board of The International Journal of Sustainable Development & Planning (WIT press - UK).

She is reviewer for International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning (WIT press - Southampton, UK) and for energy and Buildings (Elsevier). 

In her academic work she has set a network with universities and international research organizations: the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, the Fort Ord Reuse Authority in North Monterey County, California, the Center for Construction and Environment of the University of Florida, the Building Materials Reuse Association (BMRA) – Beaverton, Oregon USA (member since 2009), the Wessex Institute of Technology, Southampton UK. 

Current research lines:

her main activities and responsibilities are research and experimentation in the field of the Technology of Architecture, material and structural design, management of construction and demolition waste, material recycling , research projects and analysis, refurbishment and restoration of the historical and architectural heritage.

She is interested in technology to improve the energy efficiency and quality of environmental control systems in buildings. Technologies for construction and environmental health, connection between architecture environments and sustainable technologies, building technological innovation.

Now she is engaged in defining and implementing the new concept  and high environmental performances of ecologically productive area facilities, characterized by organizational and technical requirements aimed to minimize the environmental impact.

Since 2000 she is scientific coordinator of conferences and training courses in the field of environmental design. As member of research groups, she participates as a lecturer at national and international conferences and workshops. She is teacher and tutor in I and II level masters concerning sustainable design and energy-efficiency.
She is author of books and articles about technological and constructive innovative subjects in architecture, materials, techniques and detail design, evaluation and strategic re-use of buildings, environmental design, energy efficiency of buildings and material recycling, lifecycle management of buildings.

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