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Danila Longo

Full Professor

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ICAR/12 Architectural Technology

Curriculum vitae

Architect, PhD, Full Professor of Technology for Architecture at the Department of Architecture, University of Bologna.

Referent for the UNIBO in the ECTP (EU Construction Technology Platform) and in the E2B Committee (Energy Efficient Building).

Member of EERA–JPI on smart cities.

Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Advanced Studies and member of the UNIBO Thematic Group (GTA) on Climate Energy and Mobility.

Her FIELDS OF EXPERTISE are technologies for energy efficiency, buildings innovation, mitigative initiatives for adaptation to climate change, co-design and co-construction processes for green transition of cities, accessibility and valorization of cultural heritage, technological integration for smart cities and predictive models/scenarios.

She has been involved in 14 EU RESEARCH PROJECTS. Currently she is involved - as coordinator of the UNIBO research team - in H2020 projects on climate resilient future (GRETA GReen Energy Transition Actions, GA101022317) and on Conservation, valorization and communication of Cultural Heritage (4CH - Competence Centre on the Conservation of Cultural Heritage, GA101004468).




She has participated as a speaker at INTERNATIONAL and NATIONAL EVENTS by associations of recognized scientific validity.


Currently (AY 2021-22):

  • Technological planning - Module of Lab-based Course on Technologies for Architecture (Integrated Course)
  • Technologies for Sustainable Design I - Module of Final Workshop: Sustainable Architecture (Integrated Course)
  • Integrated Technologies - Module of Advanced Design Laboratory 2b (Integrated Course)
  • Environmental Responsive Building Technologies - Module of Preserving Heritage and Shaping New Urban Features Laboratory (Integrated Course)

    First level Master in "Innovation in Extended Reality” University of Bologna (edition 2019/20 and 2021/22) - Role: professor and member of the scientific board.

    2013 - today: member of the PhD board in “Architecture and Design Cultures”, University of Bologna, Italy. (coordinator prof. Annalisa Trentin).


    University of Bologna, Department of Architecture ( (Italy)

  • Full Professor, from 20-12-2021 ongoing.
  • Associate Professor, from 15-09-2014 to 19-12-2021.
  • Researcher, from 2006 to 14-09-2014.


    University of Ferrara, Department of Architecture (Italy)

  • PhD in Technology for Architecture (ICAR/12), 2004, Topic: “Selective demolition and deconstruction processes. Procedures and techniques for the valorisation of building waste in Italy”.
  • Degree in Architecture, 1999, Topic: “ Social housing district in Cesena. A proposal for bio-ecological architecture”.


  • Member of SITdA (Italian Society of Technology for Architecture)
  • CIRI (Industrial Research Interdepartmental Center) Building and Construction and ICT of the University of Bologna ( -, Member of the research group.
  • Member of ISA (Institute of Advanced Studies) board.
  • Designated member (by the Rector of the University of Bologna) of Area 08b Panel (Architecture) - Commission for the Evaluation of University Research and VQR.
  • Special designation as representative of University of Bologna in ECTP European Construction Technology Platform.
  • Member of the UNIBO Thematic Group (GTA) on Climate Energy and Mobility.
  • Chairman of the Faculty-Student Joint Commission of the Department of Architecture.


  • Member of TRACE ( Technology and Resilience in Architecture, Construction and Environment ) Team, CPCL Agency ( Agency of Creative Practices in Cities and Landscape), SEED ( Sustainability, Environmental Economics and Dynamics Studies Interdepartmental Center ) and OFFLine lab (Innovation and Energy Efficiency Laboratory).
  • Member of the Scientific Board of “Centro sulle Ricerche Didattiche Attive”, University of Bologna.
  • GRETA - GReen Energy Transition Actions, H2020, GA101022317, 05.2021-10.2023, coordinator of the UNIBO research team, member of the General Assembly and Technical Committee.
  • 4CH - Competence Centre on the Conservation of Cultural Heritage, H2020, GA101004468, 01.2021 - 12.2023, coordinator of the UNIBO research team, member of the General Assembly and Technical Committee.
  • Una.Resin - Towards a common Una Europa RESearch and INnovation ecosystem, H2020, GA 101017416, 02.2021-01.2024, member of the UNIBO team in the cluster Cultural Heritage WP2 “Una Europa Infrastructure & Resources”
  • COST-PED-EU-NET - Positive Energy Districts European Network, COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Action CA19126, 09.2020 – 09.2024, T1.1 co-leader (Create a comprehensive PED database by mapping existing concepts, strategies, projects, technological and non-technological innovations related to PEDs in Europe).
  • GECO - Green Energy Community, EIT Climate-KIC, TC_2.2.15_190736_P125-1A, 09.2019 – 07.2022, member of the UNIBO research team.
  • ROCK - Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities, H2020, GA 730280, 05.2017-12.2020, member of the UNIBO team and coordinator of WP2 (ROCK circular urban system).
  • InSPiRE - Integrated technologies for Smart buildings and PREdictive maintenance, Emilia-Romagna Region POR-FESR 2014-2020, POR-FESR 2014-2020, 09.2019-09.2021, member of the UNIBO team.
  • IDEHA - Innovation for Data Elaboration in Heritage Areas, PON Ricerca e Innovazione 2014 – 2020, 11.2018 – 02.2021, member of the UNIBO team.
  • RIGERS - Rigenerazione delle città: edifici e reti intelligenti (Regeneration of cities: smart builduings and grids), MIUR Smart cities and Communities and Social Innovation. Progetto di ricerca finanziato su fondi PON2012, 01.2014 – 12.2018, member of the UNIBO team.
  • OFFICINA - Accordo per la realizzazione di spazi espositivi e laboratoriali sulle trasformazioni urbane della città nel Laboratorio Aperto di Bologna (Agreement for the development of exhibition and atelier on the urban transformations of the city in the Urban Innovation Lab), POR FESR Emilia Romagna 2014-2020 – Asse 6 – “Città attrattive e partecipate” Azione 2.3.1. CUP F39E15000000004, 06.2020 – 12.2020, Research coordinator.
  • GREEN CITY ACCORD Cesena Municipality – Agreement for the mapping and evaluation of KPIs related to environmental parameters, 2022-ongoing, Research coordinator.


  • Series EDIFICIO COSTRUITO: INNOVAZIONE TECNOLOGICA, EFFICIENZA ENERGETICA - ALTRALINEA Edizioni - Built architecture: technological innovation, energy efficiency - from 01.2018.
  • International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning, WIT Press - Southampton, UK, from 07.2011.
  • CPCL Creative Practices and Cities Landscape, University of Bologna, from 2018.


  • Westminster University – London UK.
  • Universidad Siglo 21 (UES21) Cordoba - Argentina.
  • Bryn Mawr College- Pennsylvania – USA.
  • Shizuoka University of Art and Culture - Japan.
  • WIT - Wessex Institute of Technology – Southampton – UK.
  • Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) - UK.
  • Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Esquela de Arquitectura y urbanismo, Facultad de Artes-Bogotà - Colombia.
  • Universidad de Buenos Aires- Faculdad de Arquitectura, diseño y urbanismo – FADU - Argentina.
  • Universidad de Monterrey- Departamento de Arquitectura - Mexico.
  • University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins, London - UK.
  • Universitat Ramon Llull – Barcelona – Spain.
  • Çankaya Üniversitesi – Turkey.
  • Gaziantep Universitesi – Turkey.
  • Universidad de Málaga – Spain.


  • TNT - Giovani Talenti "youth excellence", Ministry for International Cooperation and Integration, Award for activities in the field of bio-architecture, 2010.
  • SOCIAL INNOVATION PRIZE - European Citizen Engagement and Deliberative Democracy Festival, EU Commission, 2021, First prize in the international research-action project OBRAS, coordinated by the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna (within the framework of the Excellent Departments) and CPCL Agency.

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