Foto del docente

Claudio Cavazzuti

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-ANT/01 Prehistory and Early History


Keywords: Bioarchaeology Funerary rituals Cremation Ancient metallurgy Experimental archaeology Isotope analysis Ancient DNA Mobility

My research is focused on the prehistory and protohistory of the Central Mediterranean and of the Danubian-Carpathian basin, with particular attention to cemeteries, rituals, demography and social organization. I have been investigating the relationship between biology, culture and society, developing several research projects in which, beside archaeology and anthropology, I have included isotope (mobility and diet) and genetic analyses.

Another filed of research is the Copper Age and Bronze Age metallurgy, which I have been explored through experimental archaeology, with the aim of reconstructing the ancient technology, the chain opératoire, and the degree of specialization of prehistoric artisans.

I am also interested in landscape and cave archaeology, and especially in the upland territories of the Apennine.

I lead archaeological fieldwork in the following sites:

- Bronze Age settlement of Solarolo (Ravenna)

- Bronze Age urnfield of Torre Guaceto (Brindisi), in collaboration with the University of Salento