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Claudia Borghetti

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-LIN/02 Educational Linguistics


Keywords: intercultural language education language learning and teaching learning/teaching Italian as a second language multilingualism Study Abroad writing teaching to write

Intercultural language education

Since 2003 my research interests focus on language learning and teaching in an intercultural perspective. In particular, I have been studying:

  • The theoretical and methodological challenges of integrating intercultural and communicative objectives in language curricula;
  • Models of intercultural (communicative) competence;
  • The language-culture nexus in language education, in the light of the recent non-essentialist approach to applied linguistics and social sciences;
  • Language and intercultural learning in an interactionalist and socio-cultural perspective;
  • The assessment of intercultural learning.

Study abroad, intercultural education and multilingualism

Since 2012, I have been interested in study abraod and internationalisation in higher education. Preferably, I address these issues too in a linguistic and intercultural perspective, and thus concentrate on:

  • Teaching methodologies which can foster mobile students’ intercultural learning;
  • Language uses within the Erasmus communities: code choice, code-switching, and multilingual interactional dynamics in general.

Writing and teaching to write

Since 2012, I have also been interested in writing and teaching to write in Italian L1 and L2. Initially I focused on academic writing; more recently, thanks to a collaboration with the Department of Education and Human Sciences of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, I have started analysing children’s writings.

Concerning academic writing, my research focuses on:

  • Planning, conducting and verifying the effectiveness of educational programmes which break down writing into phases, processes, and procedures;
  • Experimenting with teaching methods which integrate systematic reflections on writing within the disciplines;
  • Analysing students’ expectations, assumptions, and perceptions of writing practices in higher education.

With regard to children’s texts and the (meta)cognitive and socio-cultural processes involved in writing development, I research:

  • the development of coherence and cohesion devices (use of paragraph, reference to entities, punctuation, and connectives) in narrative texts;
  • the management and learning of reported speech.

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