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Chiara Samorì

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/06 Organic Chemistry


Paola, Galletti; Laura, Mazzocchetti; Loris, Giorgini; Chiara, Samorì; Emilio, Tagliavini, New green protocols for the extraction of polyhydroxyalkanoates, in: Book of Abstract of 6th EuChems Chemistry Conference, 2016, pp. 159 - 159 (atti di: 6th EuChems Chemistry Conference, Siviglia, 11-15/9/2016) [Abstract]

Laura, Mazzocchetti; Tiziana, Benelli; Chiara, Samorì; Paola, Galletti; Rocco, Mazzeo; Silvia, Prati; Giorgia, Sciutto; Francesca, Volpi; Emilio, Tagliavini; Loris, Giorgini, Nuovi gel biodegradabili e da fonti rinnovabili per la pulitura di dipinti ad olio, in: Atti del XXII CONVEGNO NAZIONALE AIM, 2016(atti di: XXII Convegno Nazionale AIM, Genova, 11-14/9/2016) [Poster]

Mireia, Broch Gösser; Teresa, Fernandes; Paola, Galletti; Chiara, Samorì; Emilio, Tagliavini; David, Brown; Helinor, Johnston, Tensioattivi a base di acido itaconico o fumarico e ammine a lunga catena: (eco)‐tossicità e biodegradabilità, in: Book of Abstract IV Workshop Nazionale Gruppo Interdivisionale di Green Chemistry - Chimica Sostenibile, 2016, pp. 6 - 6 (atti di: IV Workshop Nazionale Gruppo Interdivisionale di Green Chemistry - Chimica Sostenibile, Firenze, 10/6/2016) [Abstract]

Samorì, Chiara; Galletti, Paola; Giorgini, Loris; Mazzeo, Rocco; Mazzocchetti, Laura; Prati, Silvia; Sciutto, Giorgia; Volpi, Francesca; Tagliavini, Emilio, The Green Attitude in Art Conservation: Polyhydroxybutyrate-based Gels for the Cleaning of Oil Paintings, «CHEMISTRYSELECT», 2016, 1, pp. 4502 - 4508 [Scientific article]

Pezzolesi, L.; Samorì, C.; Pistocchi, R, Algal flocculation induced by homogeneous and heterogeneous acid treatments in Desmodesmus communis, «ALGAL RESEARCH», 2015, 10, pp. 145 - 151 [Scientific article]

Samorì, Chiara; Basaglia, Marina; Casella, Sergio; Favaro, Lorenzo; Galletti, Paola; Giorgini, Loris; Marchi, Davide; Mazzocchetti, Laura; Torri, Cristian; Tagliavini, Emilio, Dimethyl carbonate and switchable anionic surfactants: two effective tools for the extraction of polyhydroxyalkanoates from microbial biomass, «GREEN CHEMISTRY», 2015, 17, pp. 1047 - 1056 [Scientific article]Open Access

Paola, Galletti; Danilo, Malferrari; Chiara, Samorì; Giorgio, Sartor; Emilio, Tagliavini, Effects of ionic liquids on membrane fusion and lipid aggregation of egg-PC liposomes, «COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. B, BIOINTERFACES», 2015, 125, pp. 142 - 150 [Scientific article]Open Access

Samorì, Chiara; Abbondanzi, Federica; Galletti, Paola; Giorgini, Loris; Mazzocchetti, Laura; Torri, Cristian; Tagliavini, Emilio, Extraction of polyhydroxyalkanoates from mixed microbial cultures: Impact on polymer quality and recovery, «BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY», 2015, 189, pp. 195 - 202 [Scientific article]Open Access

Chiara, Samorì; Paola, Galletti; Federica, Costantini; Marco, Abbiati; Emilio, Tagliavini, One-step fast protocol for identification and quantification of N-heterocyclic compounds in gorgonian corals, in: Book of Abstract XXXVI Convegno della Divisione di Chimica Organica, 2015, pp. 248 - 248 (atti di: XXXVI Convegno della Divisione di Chimica Organica, Bologna, 13-17/9/2015) [Abstract]

Samorì, Chiara; Campisi, Tiziana; Fagnoni, Maurizio; Galletti, Paola; Pasteris, Andrea; Pezzolesi, Laura; Protti, Stefano; Ravelli, Davide; Tagliavini, Emilio, Pyrrolidinium-based Ionic Liquids: Aquatic Ecotoxicity, Biodegradability, and Algal Subinhibitory Stimulation, «ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING», 2015, 3, pp. 1860 - 1865 [Scientific article]

Diego López Barreiro;Chiara Samorì;Giuseppe Terranella;Ursel Hornung;Andrea Kruse;Wolter Prins, Assessing microalgae biorefinery routes for the production of biofuels via hydrothermal liquefaction, «BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY», 2014, 174, pp. 256 - 265 [Scientific article]

Ianiro A; Di Giosia M; Fermani S; Samorì C; Barbalinardo M; Valle F; Pellegrini G; Biscarini F; Zerbetto F; Calvaresi M; Falini G, Customizing Properties of β-Chitin in Squid Pen (Gladius) by Chemical Treatments, «MARINE DRUGS», 2014, 12, pp. 5979 - 5992 [Scientific article]

Cristian Torri;Helena Cordiani;Chiara Samorì;Lorenzo Favaro;Daniele Fabbri, Fast procedure for the analysis of poly(hydroxyalkanoates) in bacterial cells by off-line pyrolysis/gas-chromatography with flame ionization detector, «JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A», 2014, 1359, pp. 230 - 236 [Scientific article]

Giulia Samorì;Chiara Samorì;Rossella Pistocchi, Nutrient Removal Efficiency and Physiological Responses of Desmodesmus communis at Different HRTs and Nutrient Stress Condition Using Different Sources of Urban Wastewater Effluents, «APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY», 2014, 173, pp. 74 - 89 [Scientific article]

Chiara Samorì; Laura Pezzolesi; Diego López Barreiro; Paola Galletti; Andrea Pasteris; Emilio Tagliavini, Synthesis of new polyethoxylated tertiary amines and their use as Switchable Hydrophilicity Solvents, «RSC ADVANCES», 2014, 4, pp. 5999 - 6008 [Scientific article]

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