Foto del docente

Carlo Prati

Full Professor

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/28 Oral Diseases and Dentistry


Endodontic instrument. Ultrasonic and rotary NiTi instruments. Investigation of their effect on morphology of dentine with SEM. ProTaper and ProTaper Gold. Hyflex EDM amd CM. Rotate. TrueAnatomy. Morphology of endodontic  NiTi instrument before and after clinical use.

Bioceramic sealer and cements for root-end filling. Bioceramic sealer for endodontic therapy. Pulp capping with bioceramic. Portland cement as scaffold for bone regeneration.

3D  Scaffold  to  create  bone segment as carrier for dental implant.

Adhesive Maryland Bridge. FlappLess technique. Tissue Level Technique. PRAMA implant clinical application.

Degradation of dentine and enamel tissues. SEM and SEM/EDX morphological analysis

Development of  dentine bonding agents and new bioactive  biomaterial (i.e. calcium-silicate cements, sealers, etc.). Dentine permeability

Development of  Bioceramics Biomaterials   and evaluation of biocompatibility of dental and maxillo-faccial materials. Scaffold for Bone Regeneration. ESEM/EDX to study implant surface and bone interface with implant surface.