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Beatrice Girotti

Associate Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-ANT/03 Roman History


Keywords: Quellenforschung, Late Antiquity; Roman Epigraphy (from III a.D.); Epistolary (Hyeronimus); Gender history, Zosimus, Ammiianus MArcellinus, Abbreviators; Lexicon of Late Antiquity, Dialectics of power, Court; Ethics, Morality, Society and Politics.

Roman Historiography (with particular attention to Late Antique historiography and to the Quellenforschung )

Pagan and Christian Historiography (with particular attention to IV-V century historiography and the topics related to the dialectic of imperial power, the emperor's court, the absolutism of power, the lexicon of pagan authors compared to the new lexicon of Christian authors)

History of Late antiquity

_ Social History and Gender History

_Ethics, Society and politics in Late Antiquity

Involved in the following research project (2016-2019): Absolutism and dialectics of imperial power in Late antiquity: the Emperor and his Court in the historiography of the 4th-5th century AD.

Research project 2016-2019:
The project will investigate the concept of court in late antiquity and the horizontal and vertical relations in this context, starting with the historians of the fourth century and, for the V, by Olympiodorus-Zosimus, whose attention to the West must be compared with Latin tradition. This Latin tradition is characterized, among other things, by the overcoming of periodization and the usual geographical fragmentation (Marcellinus comes, Paulus Orosius, Rufinus of Aquileia, Socrates Scholasticus, Sozomen and Theodoret).
Particular attention will also be given to the role in the historiography of late-elites in their relationship with the center of power and the manner of their appointment at court. Key concepts and terms will be: absolute rule, comitatus, formation of groups and political alliances, political ideologies.


Research project 2019-2022:

Historiography and society in Late antiquity