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Beatrice Girotti

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-ANT/03 Roman History

Curriculum vitae

SHe received his degree in Modern Letters (Old Order) at the University of Bologna on November 20, 2001, discussing a thesis on Roman History titled Latin Panels Research (rapporteur Prof. Antonio Baldini), bringing a vote of 110 and praise.
Admitted to the PhD in History (Ancient History) on November 20, 2002 (XVIII Cycle),
SHe has participated in study trips and conferences organized by the Department of Ancient History, also carrying out some reports and seminars for fellow students.
She has been tutoring for the Letters of Lecture in the Arts (2005)
She participated in the Alma EU Task Force for the project of the 7th Framework Program of the European Union (20079
As an expert in material, she participated and participated in conducting the examinations of Roman History, Social History of the Ancient World, History of Women in the Classical World, Roman Epigraphy, Roman Storiography, and collaborating with leading lecturers in the guidance of graduates.
She obtained the title of Doctor of History Research (Ancient History) on June 12, 2006
From 2006 to 2008 she has pursued research as a POST-Doc fellow at the University of Bologna.
From 2008 to September 2014 she was Research Assistant at the Department of Ancient History of Bologna.
Teaching activity
Since November 2014 she regularly teaches and is a contract professor
2014: teaching assignment History of women in the classical world (1): School of Arts and Humanities Bologna
2015: teaching assignment Epigraphy and Institutions (module 2): School of Arts and Letters Bologna
2015-2016: teaching assignment Roman historiography (6CFU) / antique historiography: School of Arts and Letters Bologna
2015-2016: teaching assignment History of Late Antiquity: School of Letters and Cultural Heritage Bologna
2016-2017: teaching assignment Roman historiography (6CFU) / antique historiography (12CFUmodule integrated): School of Arts and Letters Bologna
As a contract professor, he also participated in the Ancient School Project, organized and coordinated by the Section of Ancient History in collaboration with Liceo Galvani (Bologna): the project aims to raise awareness and deepen the themes of history and Roman and Greek historiography for high school students.
Within this project, individual participation was as follows:
1) February 2014: series of lessons on "The Life at the Emperor's Court, Augusto Antonini"
2) February-March 2015: series of lessons on "The Advent of Christianity in the Late Antique Court" and "The Christian and Late Antique Women's Model"; "Giulia Domna and Zenobia in late antiquarian historiography".
3) February-April 2016: series of lessons on "The Women of the Sacchi of Rome"; "The court of the emperor: the events of Rome and analogies with contemporary politics"; February-April 2016
As an award-giver, and as a Professor at Contract, he held several academic seminars
2012: Lecture of late antiquarian historiography (with Antonio Baldini: In-depth study on Livio, Tacitus, Sallustio and the historiography of the third century AD)
2013-2014: Late Antiquarian Storiography lessons (with Antonio Baldini, Richard Vattuone)
2014: Late Antiquarian Christian Roman Epigraphy Workshops (with F. Cenerini)
2014: Social History Seminars of the Ancient World: Late-Modern Module (with F. Cenerini)
2015; 2016: module of 3 lessons of Roman historiography in the fields of the course of Roman History for Letters: deepening of historiography for the Punic Wars; On the one related to the Social War to civil wars; Historical study on the transition from the Republic to the Principality; Further study of historiographical themes of the Augustus empire at the 3rd century BC.
In the years 2009-2010-2011 he also participated and worked actively in seminars entitled: History and gender historiography, University of Bologna, for Literature and History (Coordinator seminar: Prof. Francesca Cenerini).
Other titles
In addition to the biennial post-doc bachelor's degree (University of Bologna) and the above-mentioned research grants (2008-2014), he declares that he has obtained the following training qualifications:
-Activities of training in Italian and foreign institutes
April 2004: Specialized Training Course in Epigraphy; Zeri University of Bologna
October-December 2005: Training Course "Working in Publishing Editor, Editor, Literary Consultant,
Proofreader, Agent, Press Office "; DeriveApprodi, Bologna
March 2002: Study at Fondation Hardt pour l'étude de l'Antiquité Classique, Vandoeuvres,
-participation / organization / coordination of international projects
1) Italy in the regions: origins and developments in the Roman age (Laffi U., 2004): Participant in the project
2) Central power and city autonomies


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