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Barbara Ballarin

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: CHIM/01 Analytical Chemistry


Keywords: composite material sol-gel nanostructured material conducting polymer hair dye cosmetics biosensors energy storage

3. Research area

1). Development and use of modified electrodes with conducting polymers

Areas of study include electrochemical analysis of the film growth process of conducting polymer; electrochemical study of the doping/dedoping behaviour, template-synthesized nanomaterials

2). Development of anionic clay modified electrodes, electrochemistry and electrocatalysis

Areas of study include: electrochemical studies of modified electrodes, electrocatalytic amperometric sensor for the detection of alcohols, hydrotalcite-like compounds as ionophores for the development of anion potentiometric sensors

3) Development of nano-composite ceramic electrodes via sol-gel.

Areas of study include: surface study, electrochemical studies of sono-gel composite electrodes and modification of sol-gel matrix.

4) Development of nanosensor via self assembled methods. Surface optical and electrochemical characterization.

5) Development of electrochemical energy storage devices based on conducting polimers and metaloxides nanoparticles

In the field of conducting polymers are studied the electrochemical properties of modified electrodes,it  is analyzed the possibility of change of the monomeric units of the polymer and are investigated new monomers which  NLOcharacteristics. In the field of ceramic composites and matrix materials are prepared by sol-gel sensors containing different analyte-receptor systems.  Such materials are also studied as matrices for the construction of bio-sensors through the use of specific enzymes and mediators.  In the nanomaterials field are prepared metal nanoparticles modified electrodes via self-assembled or by electrodeposition route. In the field of cosmetics are studied the optimal conditions of use of neutral and basic dyes for the preparation of tinctures not permanent hair; mixtures of different dyes are investigated and the effect of additives on the   degree and duration of the coloring are even measured. In the energy storage field are studied nanocomposites devices based on PANI magnetite nanoparticles and gold nanoparticles supported on graphite or cellulose. 

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