Foto del docente

Antonio Cicchella

Assistant professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Academic discipline: M-EDF/02 Sport Sciences and Methodology

Curriculum vitae

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Diploma in Science, Bologna, 1983, 

Bachelr of Physical Education , Institute of Physical Education, Bologna, 1986, Cum Laude.

Italian Ministry of Education-Italian Olympic Committee Prize 1986 for Dissertation.

Master in Exercise and Sport Sciences, Bologna University, 2000. Phd in Exercise and Sport Sciences Tartu University, Estonia, 2014.

  From 1989 to 1997 full time researcher,  Biomechanics Research and Development Laboratory, Rizzoli Biomechanics Laboratory.

Main topics of research.

-biomechanics of running shoes

-biomechanics of walking on uneven surfaces in children

-isokinetic testing in high performance sports

-surface emg in workplace ergonomics

-biomechanics of manual handling tasks

- testing of a work simulator for ergonomics, lifting tasks and functional tasks

-functional evaluation of orthopaedics implants, prostheses and orthotics 

-isokinetic strenght aseessment 

-bioenergetic of walking and running in athleltes, non-athleltes, and injuried persons.

- childrens exercise and fat metabolism (adipocitokines)

- sleep and motor learning

- student's lifestyles and health

- concussion and brain oxyenation

- high speed cinematography imaging of sport movements

- exercise and immunity

-robotic arm for hand and elbow assessment and rehabilitation (patent).

Researcher in several  European Union projects (Eureka, budget : 4.5 mil. Euro) for motion analysis of neuro-muscular disease and of orthopedics injuries, prostheses and orthoses. In this position I managed several international cooperations projects in research and development with relevant research institutions, universities , companies and healthcare providers  in Europe and US.

I was visiting scholar at Moscow State University and Lesgaft Sport University (Skt. Petersburg), and currently I'm aggregate Professor in Tongji University , Shanghai, and Beijing Sport University.


1992-1996: Contract Professor (lecturer) of Biomechanics at Superior Institute of Physical Education in Bologna.

  1997 – 2001. Director of Testing service of the Research Center of the University Sport Center of Bologna University

From 2003: Researcher (full time) and Aggregate Professor at the Faculty of Exercise and Sport Sciences of Bologna University.

Visiting professor "Erasmus" at Magdeburg University (Germany) from 2003 to present Institut fur Sportwissenschaft, and at the University of Tartu (Estonia), Poznan University (Poland). 

Visiting Professor to Hunan University of Technology in  November 2016, Zhuzhou, China.

Visiting Professor, European Social Fund, at Liepaja University (Latvia), October 2019.

Bologna Cooperative Exchange Program (Bologna University and North America Universities Exchange) Research Scholarship at Indiana University, Motor Control, Bloomington (USA), Department of Kinesiology, Prof. JB. Shea in 2005-2006-2007.


Member of the Emilia Romagna Region Sport Consulta in the year 2003.


Languages: Italian, English.

Mayor research field:

Physical activity for health, sport and performance.