Foto del docente

Antonio Cicchella

Assistant professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Academic discipline: M-EDF/02 Sport Sciences and Methodology


Keywords: movement technique exercise and metabolic syndrome movement analysis attività fisica e metabolismo strenght assessment systems


Biomechanics of triple jump in athletics, by mean of high speed cinematography and computer graphics, 1986-87

Motion analysis in neuromuscular diseases, EU Eureka project, 1989-1992.

Polymeric biomaterials for orthopaedic implants, EU Eureka prokect, 1992-1993.

Biomechanical characterization of sport shoes: realizing the Lotto R.Tech running shoes, Officine Ortopediche Rizzoli/Lotto Industries SpA, 1995-1996.

Development of an isoinertial leg press for sustained space flight muscle loss prevention and Rehabilitation, Loredan Biomedical Inc. (NASA Spin Off/Officine Ortopediche Rizzoli SpA)-1995-96

Development of a hand evaluation system for use on the space shuttle, beta tester, Officine Ortopediche Rizzoli SpA, Cedaron Biomedical Inc, 1995-1996.

Development of the athlete performance center of Bologna University Sport Center. 1996-1998.

Adjunct , Faculty of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Bologna. 1998-2003

Growth, physical exercise and adipocitokines in children of Estonia 2003 to 2016.