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Antonino Rotolo

Full Professor

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/20 Philosophy of Law


Antonino Rotolo's research interests include Logics for Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Law, Philosophical Logic, Normative Reasoning, Non-Classical Logics, Non-Monotonic Reasoning, and the Foundations of Practical Reason.

(a) Nature and cognitive foundations of social institutions. This research aims at providing a logical study of the cognitive foundations of social institutions. This investigation will take advantage of the most recent works carried out in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Law. Some first and encouraging results of Antonino Rotolo's research have been achieved in the field of Multi-agent Systems regarding both theoretical issues and computational complexity.


(b) Law as a social practice and the connection between law and morality. This inquiry has the objective of articulating a new concept of conventional social practice in order to identify what aspects of them are significant with regard to the incorporation of morality in the law.


(c) Logics for norm dynamics. The goal of this research is to extend a logical framework, Temporal Defeasible Logic, developed by A. Rotolo with other colleagues (G. Sartor, G. Governatori, R. Riveret, J. Hulstijn, L. van der Torre) in order to represent complex reasoning patterns about the modification of legal rules.


(d) Rational choice and legal argumentation. This research aims at developing a general method, based on game-theoretical techniques, to model legal argumentation.

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