Foto del docente

Antonello Lorenzini

Assistant professor

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/10 Biochemistry


Keywords: longevity DNA damage nutrition aging comparative biology

Dr Lorenzini  focus is on the cellular mechanisms that ensure longevity and on the extracellular and intracellular signaling that regulate them. In the laboratory of Dr Vincent Cristofalo he has focused on intercellular signaling regulating cell proliferation and senescence and on the differential proliferative capacity of mammals and how this correlate with life span. With Dr Christian Sell at Drexel University, he has investigated the endocrine modulation of longevity trying to separate the influence of GH from that of IGF-1. Now he operate in Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences of the University of Bologna where his main research focus is the understanding of how DNA damage signaling interact with cell cycle progression. For this aim he is exploiting the comparative approach using a cell bank of mammals with different longevity.

Current research:

1- therole of cell cycle check-point in genomic stability and longevity.

 At the cellular level, damage repair and cell cycle arrest are interrelated, allowing sufficient time for repair prior to cell cycle progression. Organisms have evolved so that developmental timing is linked to environmental conditions, such as nutrient availability and predation. Recent results regarding species-specific differences in how cells handle DNA damage, suggest that a stable cell cycle arrest is a feature of long-lived species. The implication of these results is that long-lived species delay cell cycle progression to a greater degree than short-lived species, allowing for higher fidelity repair. In other words the ability to devote longer periods of time to repair and maintenance could be a key feature of long-lived species. The capacity to finely tune DNA repair with the possibility of resuming cell division, could be a determinant of species lifespan. For more details see (1) and (2)

2- Role of lifestyle on health-span.

For more details see (3) and (4)



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