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Annarita Zazzaroni

Adjunct professor

Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies

Area Formazione e Dottorato

Curriculum vitae

Adjunct Professor (Italian Language Lab, Writing and Argumentative Lab, Italian Language and Culture Seminar LM). Teaching tutor at the Degree of Humanities, at the University of Bologna, since 2007.

The focus of her researches is especially on the philology of modern and contemporary Italian Literature; the archives of the Italian Writers; the relationship between Literature, Music and Librettos; Literature and Art.

Now, she is preparing the critical edition of the Librettos and theatrical sketches by Giovanni Pascoli. This edition will be published in the National Edition of Giovanni Pascoli’s Works. She is going to edit also the letters between Giorgio Bassani and Francesco Arcangeli.


2009: PhD in Italian Studies, Department of Italian Studies, University of Bologna. Dissertation:Melodramma senza musica. Giovanni Pascoli, gli abbozzi teatrali e “Le Canzoni di Re Enzio”.

2005: MA in Humanities, University of Bologna. Dissertation: Giovanni Pascoli critico di Dante. Dai saggi danteschi all' “Anno Mille” .


Since a.y. 2015/16, she has taught with Labs on Italian Language, addressed to the students who has had the “Ofa”, at the School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Heritage (University of Bologna). She has held also some lessons about the Italian Writing. She collaborates with the SSD L-FIL-LET/11 Italian Contemporary Literature, at the Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies. In 2014, she has taught Italian Philology as visiting Lecturer, during “Hidden Libraries” Summer School, at the University of Graz. Actually, she is Adjunct Professor for the course on Italian Language Lab.

She prepared two bio-bibliogragic exhibitions of Adolfo Albertazzi’s and Giorgio Bassani’s unpublished manuscripts and documents: Giorgio Bassani: Officina bolognese (1934-1943), Archiginnasio Library, Bologna, 28th October – 18th December 2016; Adolfo Albertazzi, un novelliere alla scuola di Carducci, Castel S. Pietro Terme (Bo), 25th October – 2nd November 2014, ed. 2014 of the International Feast of the History. She prepared also the on line version of Bassani's exhibition, throught Movio (app by Cultural Italian Ministery).

In 2011, she obtained a grant to work on a proposal of research about Apulian Tarantismo and the influence of the studies of Ernesto De Martino on literature and documentaries in Italy, after II world war (Department of Classic Philology and Italian Studies, University of Bologna).

She cooperated with the international project History/Her story (supervisors: proff. Annette Kreutziger Herr and Melanie Unseld), guided by the Hochschule für Musik of Cologne (Germany), in the year 2009.

During the year 2006, with a “Marco Polo” scholarship from University of Bologna, she carried out a part of her research for the PhD project in the Hochschule für Musik and in the Romanistik and Music Department of the University of Cologne (Germany).

She has held lecturers in International conferences and she published scientific articles in Italy and abroad, focusing on her interests of researches and on the edition of unpublished manuscripts.


Since a.y. 2007/08, she is teaching tutor at the Degree of Humanities, at the University of Bologna.

In 2016, she cooperated at the preparation of the “riesame ciclico” for the Degree and MA courses of the Department of Classic Philology and Italian Studies. Actually, she supports the Humanities Degree in the accreditation process.


Since 2013 she has been a member of Editorial Committee of “Rivista Pascoliana”. Since 2018 she is Accademic in Accademia Pascoliana.

She has been a member of the Organizational Committee of the International Conference La modernità letteraria e le declinazione del visivo - MOD (Italian Society for the Study of the Modernity in Literature) – Bologna, 22th June – 24th June 2017 and of the International Conference “Pascoli nell’immaginario degli italiani”, Bologna 2nd -4th April 2012.